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Woof Wednesday: Cats V Dogs

When I think about cats versus dogs I immediately think back to the Warner Bros film that made me add Beagle to my ‘dogs I want’ list!

But, now, the BBC are pitting one against the other (not literally of course!) in a new series examining what makes Britain’s best loved pets different and/or better in various mental and physical tests.

Presented by Liz Bonnin (#teamcat) and Chris Packham (#teamdog), Cats V Dogs sets out to answer the age-old question: which makes the best pet – cats or dogs?

cats v dogs

We all know I’m #teamdog but I don’t dislike cats. I choose to have a pet for companionship though and with a dog that means a compromise in terms whereas cats hang around on their own terms only I’ve found!

So, was episode 1 any good?

I got a little distracted during the introduction as it was immediately apparent that filming had taken place at a very familiar location. Dick White Referrals (the location in the programme is just given as Cambridgeshire but the centre is in fact at the childishly amusingly named village of Six Mile Bottom!) Dick Whites are the specialist vets that have been rather amazing at looking after Stella on more than one occasion.

‘The series will cover a range of subjects, from cat and dog experiments demonstrating the latest scientific research into animal behaviour and physiology, to historical sequences which explore how their relationships with humans have evolved, as well as meetings with extraordinary cats and dogs around the country who display special talents, and sequences which compare domestic dog and cat behaviour with their cousins in the wild.’ (source: BBC)

Here’s a couple of clips from Episode 1:

I guessed that the dogs would win in the intelligence sequence but I didn’t know that dogs brains are 20% bigger than cats and that they are scientifically twice as intelligent. I always put it down to feline bad attitude!

I also learnt the name for the part in our pets eyes that makes flash photography an absolute nightmare…Tapetum Lucidum. Apparently this helps the cats see better in the dark than dogs.

In the sensory powers sequence the dogs lost out to the cats in the hearing stakes too which surprised me but no surprise at all that the woofer sense of smell reigns supreme.

Strengths and weaknesses for both in the Physical Superiority round. The anatomy of a cat allows it to jump higher with strength and ease but a dog has better endurance for an activity. Stella and I get muddy enough on geocaching walkies, so I don’t think we need to introduce Cani-X into our fitness routine!

You can find out whether cats or dogs are deemed to be better tomorrow night at 8pm on BBC2 but here’s a few tasters for you:

You may notice some survey results on the clips…these come from households that have both a cat and a dog so there should be no bias.

What do you think though? Cat or dog?



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