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Designing a Gallery Wall with Desenio

You may have seen and read on my social media accounts that I have a new kitchen, (there will be more on this at some point but my builder and I have a continuing dispute with the designer and supplier so it’s not appropriate to write about it until all is resolved.) I have some art and bits to go back in but I now have a nicer, bigger, space, so, when Desenio asked if I’d like to show some of their prints to you all, the timing was perfect .

First things first and you may be wondering who the dickens are Desenio?

Well, Desenio was founded in 2010 by Martin and Helena Blomqvist, who both have a great passion for design, home décor and art. They are located in Stockholm, Sweden, and you will notice a lot of Scandinavian and Nordic influence amongst the art they provide.

The posters in their webshop are designed by their own design team, but they also have work from selected artists from around the world.

Once I got browsing the site it was rather hard to choose as there are lots of different styles there to pick from.

Desenio screenshot

The wall colour in my aubergine kitchen is from Crown and called Faithful so whatever I chose needed to fit well with these colours.


I had toyed with the idea of getting one huge print, but, once I realised I was always going have a need for lots of different styles of art and photography, if I had an opportunity to fulfil that need in some part in one fell swoop, I should take it!

Therefore, I set about looking for a few pieces that I thought would look good together…there is one subject matter noticeably missing from my choices. Another wall will become home to doggy art as I have several pieces already – I know, you’re surprised! – including a couple of paintings sent from my insanely talented friend Paula at Catchlight Canada.

In time, I narrowed the list down to 5 and then chose frame styles too…I went for the black wood as I think it complements my purples and greys better.

Delivery was very prompt and here’s what was in the box…


Everything was packaged brilliantly and securely. Lots of care and attention to detail with Desenio it would seem.


So, I spent last Saturday evening framing my pictures and I was really pleased with how they looked. Then came the time where I had to be brave and hammer picture hooks into into my brand new wall but all went well and no fingers, thumbs, or unintended bits of the wall were harmed!

What did I choose?


I went for quite a natural theme and I can’t see me ever getting bored of looking at these either. Do you think they go together OK?

If you’re looking for some affordable art, you could do much worse than have a look at Desenio.  They also have already some pretty cool inspiration and motivation prints I wouldn’t mind having in my home office when I do it…but…big dentist bills coming first so I’ll just share a couple of favourites here for now!

81528 Breathe 50x70 79018 Manifesto of life 50x70


* I was gifted the artwork above to produce an honest review. 

















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