Describe The Place You Grew Up In

This week’s Post 40 Bloggers Writing Prompt wasn’t going to take the form of a poem but as the place I grew up in was the place I first wrote rhyming words it seemed apt to do so. Welney village sign Welney St Marys








Where I grew up,
It was out in the sticks.
A small quiet village,
More fields there than bricks.

It lies on a road,
Between Norfolk and Cambs.
Very often flooded,
There’s more need for dams!

My school days here,
Were the very best.
And I always passed,
The spelling tests.

Big school, however,
Was no fun at all.
Bullying goes on,
It’s just not cool.

My favourite den,
Was beneath a tree.
Always books and Lego,
Waiting there for me.

Living so close,
To family and friends.
The school holidays,
You never wanted to end.

Nature and wildlife,
They were all around.
Geese and tractors,
A regular sound.

We didn’t go far,
Dad at work, Mum can’t drive.
But the village fresh air,
Kept my soul alive.

Riding our bikes,
On the winding roads.
Often overtaken,
By farmers with loads.

At the heart of it all.
Plus the wildlife reserve,
Where the swans would call.

Can’t help but love,
Those Fenland sunsets.
Big skies as lovely,
As England gets.

A thriving village,
Post Office and shops.
Up on the Main Road,
A speed-trap for cops.

Community spirit,
Was alive and well.
How long that remains,
Only time will tell.

Now I just visit,
It’s not been home for years.
Old faces are gone,
As are most of my peers.

Ice skaters of Fenland,
In my ancestry.
Famous for antics,
On frozen Washes, Welney. Welney sunset Welney wash flood Welney swan Welney hay bales

Prose for Thought
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Woof Wednesday: Food Designed With Pets In Mind

Due to Stella’s health concerns, (as well as the epilepsy and arthritis, it’s looking likely there’s a neurological problem with her spine too, tests ongoing…) I’m very reluctant to change her diet now that she’s settled and her weight is more where it should be. However, I do like to support East Anglian businesses and it has been brought to my attention that there’s a new pet food on the block from Brown’s just down the road in Essex so let me tell you a little bit about them.


Brown’s cater for most furry, feathered, and, finned members of the family but importantly provide three dog food products: Puppy & Breeder, Health & Active, and, Light & Sensitive. The latter would be the one I would choose for Stella in different circumstances and I’m hoping our local independent pet shop start stocking their range as I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be popular.

As the first British company to include Macrogard® in their recipes,  Brown’s make the following claims about the dog food:

Enhances natural defences, preparing them for the challenges ahead.

Helps to reduce the risks and severity of bacterial, parasitic and viral diseases.

It contributes for a better health status, optimising the efficiency of vaccines.

Activates the white blood corpuscles and thereby strengthens the immune system.

browns trust

Brown’s hypo-allergenic and gluten-free dog foods come in practical, re-usable tubs that are available in a variety of sizes that start at a small 520g container for £2.99 and go up to a 12kg bulk sack for £34.99. Unlike some brands, the price is the same whichever variety you need. I certainly know from experience with Stella that you can be expected to pay a premium for a sensitive or senior diet. It’s re-assuring that this isn’t the case here.

You can also request a free sample just to check that you both are happy with the product. Details on their website.


It’s good to know that the people at Brown’s pride themselves on sourcing ingredients in the UK and are creating opportunities for the local community through employment at their base in the heart of Essex. They also have their own pet supplies and equipment shop where their small team of knowledgeable pet specialists create a fantastic range of pet foods, toys and accessories for the wellbeing of all pets. In the future they’re looking to create a network of shops and I for one wish them all the best.

As Brown’s say:

“When your pet starts eating our product you will trust the special care we take to ensure the consistency of each product. Brown’s Pet Range is designed very much with Pets in Mind.”

Can’t ask fairer than that can you?


*Written in collaboration with Brown’s Pet Range

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Name 3 Things: Teenage Crushes

Karen at the Madhouse Of Cats & Babies has come up with a corker of a Name Three Things this week: Famous Crushes As A Teenager.

Yes, once, a very long time ago, I was a teenage girl, and, like many teenage girls, most of my crushes were not on teenage boys. It would be inappropriate to name the various teachers that were the subject of my pencil-chewing hair-twiddling  attention so I’ll give you three chaps that you may have heard of. I freely admitted on Twitter yesterday that this may be a hard task but I’ve narrowed it down to a pop star, an actor and a sportsman. Fair enough I thought ;) 

Peter Cox

Handsome singer from Go West. There were passing fancies of Nik Kershaw and John Taylor but this man still has part of my heart even now. His voice is as good as ever and you can’t deny he’s aging well! I’m not the only blogger to think so either, am I Victoria:-D 

He’s also the only one of the three that I’ve met and spoken to in real life. Each time I speak slightly less gibberish than the last but he’s still a lovely man. Peter Cox Go West Kings Lynn Peter Cox Go West Saffron Walden




 Peter Cox Go West Saffron Walden 8 Day Weekend



Andrew McCarthey

Quieter member of the so-called ‘Brat Pack’, which made him quietly adorable in my eyes.

Here’s a little bit of why…

He’s still acting but is also a travel journalist now. All grown-up and still pretty!


Gary Lineker

I was a big football fan when I was a teenage girl. I’m still a Spurs supporter which can be a rollercoaster at times but I don’t follow the footie religiously anymore.

This young man from Leicester City caught my eye, and my eye followed when he went to Everton and then abroad to Barcelona and then home again to my beloved Tottenham. 

Now he’s often on my tellybox as a pundit and chat-show guest and still makes me smile. Not enough for me to watch Match Of The Day every week anymore but enough that it was lovely to watch Graham Norton last Friday night :) 

I don’t think any of those are embarrassing are they? Do share yours!  



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Time for Lasting Change

Today saw the launch of Red Nose Day 2015 with Comic Relief. Some of you may have seen or heard David Williams on your TV or radio; some of you may have seen lots of social media activity with the #lastingchange hashtag; some of you kindly re-shared that activity. 

Therefore the Team Honk bloggers are at it again and a lot of focus will be on the danceathon (see below), but, over the week-end, Annie, Penny, and, Tanya, were visiting Kenya to see how far previous donations to the cause have helped. They’ve busily been sending home postcards so that those of us back here can appreciate the positives that have come from fundraising.

 Team Honk joins in Red Nose Day Danceathon 2015

Breakfast started with Power Porridge and  @MummyBarrow‘s post from the Omega Foundation.
This organisation receives funding from Comic Relief that enables them to support these women in the production of “Power Porridge” and also helps form saving groups to fund its production.
#lastingchange #comicrelief 2015

Just some of the ladies receiving support from Comic Relief via the Omega Foundation in Kenya. #LastingChange is very evident here!

 Mid-morning I shared some images from @PennyAlexander_‘s post about the Mothers2Mothers project.
This organisation receive from Comic Relief, to mentor mothers living with HIV to be healthy and happy and to give their children the best possible chance in life.
#lastingchange #comicrelief 2015

Mentor Mothers are trained to support other women with HIV, to reduce the risk of transmitting HIV to their babies #lastingchange

At lunchtime it was time for the younger girls with thanks to @AnnieSpratt‘s post from the Kisumu Youth Football Association project.

This organisation receives support from Comic Relief, that is used to provide mentoring for vunerable girls, some of which are orphaned, from low income families or living in slums.

#lastingchange #comicrelief 2015

‘Thanks to this mentoring project Ida, orphaned after the death of both parents, secured orphanage accommodation & schooling’ #lastingchange

I can no more sign up for a danceathon than I could sign up to last year’s awesome relay for health reasons but I’m proud to be a social media supporter so expect your timelines to get very busy indeed in March! 

Are you dancing?




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B is for Butterflies B is for Butterflies #alphabetphoto #mysundayphoto

 photo 4d06e438-4e6a-4f3b-88b2-0c1093350397_zps361ad0e9.jpg


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…And Then I Smiled…

They sat me down, I felt butterflies expectantly fluttering in my tummy. Then, they told me their sad news, and then they cried, and then I cried.

Months later; same scenario; same outcome; same tears.

Months later; more hushed conversations; we mustn’t hope for the best for fear of expecting the worst. Mustn’t make plans; mustn’t dare to dream.

And then one day my phone beeped, presenting a grainy image with a short message:  “Hello Auntie, see you soon”

I smiled. I cried while I replied: “Hello baby :) I can’t wait to meet you xox”

And then I smiled again. #100wcgu

 Written for Julia’s 100 word challenge and Sara’s The Prompt which is ‘Family.’

Don’t forget there’s creative writing to be found every Thursday with Vicky hosting Prose For Thought.
Prose for Thought
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Woof Wednesday: Essentially Stella

I told you yesterday about 3 things essential to my day. Miss Stella was most put out that she didn’t get a mention but I thought it went without saying!

In any case, I’ll tell her again, and you dear reader, why she’s an essential part of my life. Woof Wednesday Stella January 2015

Dear Stella,

I can’t tell you enough how much you mean to me. You’ve seen me at my best and you’ve seen me at my worst.

Constant companion that rides the rollercoaster of mood swings with me when that other black dog visits;

Loyalest of friends when the human ones can’t cope with me being ill;

Snuggliest of sofa-sharers;

Most enthusiastic duvet-warmer;

Efficient newscaster of doorbells, telephone rings, text alerts, gusts of wind, raindrops, microwave beeps, next-door’s car coming home, next-door’s cat coming home, anyone standing at the bus stop, cyclists, joggers, dustmen, postmen, other dogs and anything else that passes by the house;

Connoisseur of both food and food waste;

Patient and tolerant photography model; 

Nicest of all is the way that, even if I’ve only been to end of the drive to put the bins out, I get the same enthusiastic welcome that I get on a Friday lunchtime after I’ve been away from you at work all morning!

I love you baby girl and can’t imagine a day without you in it xox



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