One Photo No Words: 25th September 2016

Just a few words with this photo.

Those of you that follow on Facebook and Twitter may have seen my bad news on Friday that Stella’s health has deteriorated further this week and I have been advised to make the most of the next few weeks.

I have every intention that we see her 13th birthday on the 12th of November but I’m having to prepare myself that sadly that may not be possible.

There are already to be no more walks except in totally safe environments like the garden so we are already feeling quite blue about this as you can imagine. Our geocaching challenge has been abandoned because I just won’t enjoy doing it if she’s not exploring with me and Woof Wednesdays will be rather more sedate from now on.

The words of kindness, love, and, support, have already meant so very much to both of us and I’ll hope you understand if we’re a little less upbeat in the weeks to come.

I don’t know how long we have together but every single minute will be cherished. This rescue dog rescued me in many ways and I will never ever forget that.

I’m dreading the day I don’t see this smile 🙁


Silent Sunday with MummyConstant

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Woof Wednesday: In Praise Of Older Dogs

It’s no secret that Stella is advancing in years. Having recently had her 12th Gotcha Day, her 13th birthday is fast approaching too. Obviously since her cancer diagnosois, every day is a blessing anyway but, having lost my previous darling girl to a tumour at 9 years old, I’d always planned to make the most […]

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A Summer Visit to Sawston Hall

This magnificent place is rarely open to the public. So, it was a treat back in June (yes I’m that far behind with photo processing, sorry!) to get a look around the grounds when it played host to St Mary’s Fete. The weather could have been a touch more glorious for a Summer event but […]

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One Photo No Words: 18th September 2016

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Room Rejuvenation with Red Candy

Room by room I’m gradually getting my house in order. Progress has slowed right down after the Summer but my new kitchen is still feeling so fresh, I love it. I’m pleased that my hallway was finished before I had to embark on a long regime of dental treatment but, though I can’t afford to […]

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Woof Wednesday Puppy Pledge

If any of you have thought about giving in to the cries of “can we have a puppy?!” over the Summer Holidays, you may be interested in a puppy awareness campaign, or Puppy Pledge, from the National Animal Welfare Trust. The National Animal Welfare Trust cared for and rehomed 1500 animals last year, mainly cats […]

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Top 50 Worst Albums

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