Stella’s Sunday Photo – She’s a girl!

Stella #mysundayphoto december 21st 2014

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Christmas – In Pictures

A few people wanted to see more of my Christmas tree after My Sunday Photo so here she is, in all her purple glory.

xmas 2014 1 xmas 2014 2

My naughty dizzy migraines make it nigh on impossible to faff around with putting the big tree together but this one just needs a little fiddle with the branches and is good to go. It’s also out reach of labrador tails and noses!

xmas 2014 stocking

xmas 2014 merry christmas

I wondered if the big tree baubles would look daft on the little tree but it seemed nonsensical to buy little ones when 2015 might be the year my doctor can fix me and the big tree can go up again! I think it turned out OK, what about you?

It also seems to be customary to have Christmas trees in bedrooms too now…so I accessorised my pretty LED one :)

Where do you put your tree and do you have a specific colour scheme?

More festive stories and pictures can be found at The Sticky Fingers Blog.

xmas 2014 bedroom tree xmas 2014 bedroom







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Christmas – In Words

A nice straightforward #theprompt from Mum Turned Mom this week…’Christmas.’ I say straightforward but, when you consider the very many adaptations of Christmas, it can all be a bit complicated.

I suppose I’m what you’d call a traditionalist in that Christmas for me means celebrating the birth of Jesus as well as the arrival of Father Christmas. Not to mention being able to get excited about mince pies without people rolling their eyes at me! It’s true that a lot of different sections of society see this time of year differently and this isn’t the place to go into whether religious beliefs are right or wrong and whether the way people mark the season is right or wrong. But, we should all respect each others’ beliefs and hopefully agree on the goodwill to all men part!

Anyway, before I turn a preamble into a full-on ramble, here’s my poem for Christmas.

Christmas 2014

Christmas fast approaching,
Only a week away.
Children counting down sleeps,
'til new toys with which to play.

It's a merry season,
Traditionally for most.
As we recall the message,
Brought from the Heavenly Host.

Sparkling decorations,
Almost everywhere.
Trees drowning in baubles,
Not an inch to spare.

Nativities and pantomimes,
On stages far and wide.
Little children play their part,
Parents beam with pride.

Singing Christmas carols,
Writing Christmas cards;
You can't beat the real thing,
It's really not that hard.

'Away in a manger',
'Here comes Santa Claus'.
We call him Father Christmas,
For pets, he's Santa Paws!

I send you season's greetings,
Goodwill for the new year.
Keep an eye up to the sky,
Watch out for those reindeer!

Maybe there'll be snowfall,
To greet on Christmas morn.
Footfall to churches increased,
Jesus Christ is born!

Families will gather,
Some will be alone.
Whomever by chance you meet,
Have a kindly tone.

Favourite festive movies,
'Polar Express' is one.
But, don't touch the telly,
'til the Queen's Speech is done!

Too much food and drink consumed,
Too much money spent.
Over indulging guiltily,
So give it up for Lent!

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8 sleeps 'til Santa Paws!

Woof Wednesday: 8 Sleeps Till Santa Paws!

Hopefully by now all the woofers have, like Stella,  chosen something nice to come from Santa Paws and all the humans, like me, have noted what the woofers mustn’t be eating. Once again the other day I caught myself saying “you don’t want that!” when a certain madam was trying to get a paw to my mince pies. How silly of me, she of course does want that but mustn’t have it!

This week we bring you news of a couple of canine campaigns that caught our eye recently:

Cornwall Council have launched a campaign drawing attention to a craze that seems to have taken over a section of the dog-owning community. Those people that think picking up their dog’s poo is quite enough responsibilty, they don’t have to dispose of it responsibly too and so hang the poo bag in a nearby tree, God forbid they should walk to a bin! I see it everywhere when I’m out with Stella as well as an awful lot of unpicked-up mess. It’s part of the job when you get a dog. Deal with it or don’t get a dog! You idiots give the rest of us a bad name!

story found at


It also seems the message isn’t getting home about a dog being for life not just for Christmas and so Dogs Trust have devised an eye-catching way to get people to take notice.

#adifl on tour

The tour was launched on November 24th in London and that date was chosen as it’s the day that traffic to internet sites selling puppies peaks as consumers begin to search for Christmas presents.

If you really want a new four-legged friend and you are fully aware of the cost and responsibility involved, then do go ahead; preferably by re-homing a puppy that has been abandoned for one of the following ignorant and idiotic reasons:

  • “He kept chasing frogs”
  • “He looked different after we walked him in the rain”
  • “He was too loving and needed too much attention”
  • “I’m worried our toddler will copy him and poo in the garden”
  • “He’s too playful – we haven’t sat down since we got him”
  • “My dog is old and going to die soon”
  • “He was scared of the cat next door ”
  • “He barks every morning”
  • “He wags his tail too much”
  • “She’s seems hungry all the time and follows me around the house”
  • “He kept coughing in the night and woke me up”
  • “All the puppy did was sleep.  We wanted a dog we could play with”

Unbelievably daft aren’t they?! Sad, but true.

Have you seen any of the Dogs Trust artwork?


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More Mini Mince Pies

Baking has been a good way to stay warm in the kitchen while my central heating’s been out of action and this week I was planning to bring you mini mince pies and clementine cake. Unfortunately my plan didn’t go to, erm, plan, and , half of the day’s produce ended up in the bin. Nigella’s clementine recipe is usually a no-brainer but it threw a diva strop this week and just wouldn’t go right! Mini MInce Pies

As it’s now December I felt a sprinkling of icing sugar was in order to finish them off! mini mince pies ChristmasI have it on good authority, from my work colleagues on Christmas Jumper Day, that it was also a good idea to add the marzipan halfway through the baking as you could definitely taste it more. 

making marzipan stars

Furthermore, it was a good idea that I made too many marzipan stars as the extras were of great consolation during the clementine cake disaster! 


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How’s It Going With GOPO?

A few weeks ago I wrote about starting a new trial of a rosehip supplement, GOPO, that I’m hoping will ease the aches and pains in my joints.

rosehips GOPO

I’m now at the point of going on to what they call the maintenance dose and I’m pleased enough so far.

I still get a lot of sharp pains in my right ankle but I’m sure that’s due to underlying damage rather than good old wear and tear like the rest of me suffers with!

There is definite improvement in the other sore areas and I’m going to tentatively give the GOPO the credit for that. My dizzy migraines rule out much exercise, the weather is damp, so I’m pretty sure I’d normally be hurting a lot more than I am. I’m especially noticing much less discomfort in my knees, climbing the stairs at work was getting to be agony some days but I don’t think I’ve felt like crying for a good 2 weeks!  

From today I’ll be taking 2 capsules morning and night and this will continue once the trial ends if there’s further improvements, but I will of course post an update in the meantime.  

GOPO rosehip supplement


I love it when something you’re sceptical about turns out to do just what it says on the tin, don’t you?! 

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My Sunday Photo: 14th December 2014

one photo no words 14 12 2014

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