When: Part 2

Last week I wrote a poem inspired by a Post 40 Bloggers writing prompt.

This week I felt a follow-up was needed as, as some of you rightly guessed, it was semi-autobiographical!

If you saw my Instagram on Monday night you may also have guessed that things hadn’t quite gone to plan!



The week had been so lovely,
I’d just let down my guard.
So to get your text on Monday,
Was like a dagger in the heart.

We had Sunday together,
Once more with all our friends.
But all the paths we started,
Were suddenly dead ends.

No-one saw it coming,
Others said we made a pair.
I was willing to give it a try,
As so much we seemed to share.

You didn’t use that cliche,
Of ‘it’s not you it’s me,’
But you were like a different person,
Turned 180 degree.

For giving the wrong impression,
You did apologise.
Of course I was confused,
Were all those kind words lies?

You spoke about the future,
I really thought you cared.
And now you’ve taken back those words,
Maybe you got scared?

I now know you’re not ready,
But I wasn’t in a rush.
I really miss our chit chat,
Even when you made me blush.

I still can’t quite believe it,
I’m feeling quite the fool.
Yet one thing is so certain,
It’s not me it’s you!



Prose for Thought



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