Turn Back The Clock

Apart from being a good reason to remember Johnny Hates Jazz…


This weekend we must actually remember to put the clocks back an hour as we say goodbye to British Summer Time.

I expect I’ll forget one as usual, most commonly the central heating, and not bother with the car one until Monday morning…it’s a good job really that the iphone resets the time itself or I’d never know if I was coming or going!

Lisas-Life.com I wish I had more time

But, what will we do with that extra hour? Tempur, the mattress people, have some ideas if you’re stuck.

Source: Tempur

Tempur have also kindly passed on some discount codes if you’re in the market for bedroom things:

Applies to adjustable beds or adjustable bed frames from the following ranges: Ardennes, Foxton, Ashby and Musica Order a single size Save £100 Order a double size Save £200 Order a king size Save £300 Order a super king size Save £400
Up to £400
Match a single size Save 50% off the RRP, up to £124.50 Match a small double Save 50% off the RRP, up to £174.50 Match a double Save 50% off the RRP, up to £174.50 Match a king Save 50% off the RRP, up to £199.50 Match a super king Save 50% off the RRP, up to £224.50 Applies to divan and headboard matching size combinations when ordered from the following ranges: Ardennes divan – add a matching sized headboard from any of the following: Ardennes Plain, Ardennes Profiled, Ardennes Buttoned Headboard ranges.
How does it work? Applies to a single product: Multi Pillow £10 saving will be applied to each Multi Pillow purchased up to a maximum of 10 in a single transaction.
£10 saving will be applied to each Multi Pillow purchased up to a maximum of 10 in a single transaction.
How does it work? Applies to Toppers ordered from the following ranges: Topper 7, Topper Deluxe 3.5 10% discount will be applied to each item in the shopping cart
10% discount will be applied to each item in the shopping cart
Sweet dreams :) 


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Opposites Attract

lisas-life opposites attract

What’s the opposite of me?
Well, that would be you.
Because, whatever I don’t like,
You most definitely do.

Morning routines are fun,
You drink coffee, I drink tea;
But it’s human nature,
That we won’t always agree.

Of course I have a dog,
That means you want a cat.
At least we both love animals,
I can give thanks for that.

I love to sit and read,
You turn the TV on,
But there are worse foundations,
To build our world upon.

We like quite different foods,
You want curry, I want chips,
Though, not in a restaurant,
We’d argue over tips.

In the evening when it’s late,
I’d love to cuddle close.
But, you’re on your Xbox,
Fighting with your foes.

When it comes to days out,
Could we be further apart?
You’d ride rollercoasters,
I’d rather look at art.

I’m happy with the radio,
Some melodic background noise.
But you turn speakers way up high,
Until we’ve lost our voice.

You’d argue with your shadow,
I prefer a little tact.
I guess that if one thing is true,
It’s that opposites attract!



More poetry at Verily Victoria Vocalises…
Prose for Thought

More opposites attracting at Mum Turned Mom…

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gundog theft awareness week 2014

Woof Wednesday: Gundog Theft Awareness

Now then woofers, I know I’m not the bravest girl in the world and certainly couldn’t be a gundog for real, but, us beautiful breeds are targets for naughty dog thieves and the good people at Pet Theft Awareness are having a special week for us right now. 

So, whether you’re a Labrador-type like me, a Spaniel-type like Teagan, or anything in between, get your humans to pay special attention.


 From the Pet Theft site:

Why are people stealing working gundogs?
The answer is obvious.
Gundogs are valuable – it is as simple as that. They are pedigree dogs and they can be sold as working dogs or used on puppy breeding farms.

Dogs are snatched from the field or bundled into a vehicle after a shoot.
Whichever way they are taken the outcome is the same.
Pet Theft Awareness has first hand accounts from victims who have had their working dogs stolen from under their noses.We also know of dogs who have been stolen then recovered on puppy farms.

Prevention is always best:
Be aware of others around you. Is there anyone around who is unfamiliar? Are there any unfamiliar vehicles?
Keep close eyes on your dogs especially and know where they are at all times.
Be prepared to act quickly if you see a risk of a theft.
Look out for others too and ask them to do the same for you.

Gundog Gone? What to do immediately:
The faster you act the better your chances of a safe return are.
Write down as much information as possible regarding the circumstances, vehicles in the area or anything which could help.
Contact the police a soon as you realise your dog is missing.
Contact friends and start an immediate search of the area.
Put a message out on Facebook including an image of your dog. Tell your friends to share.
Tweet too with as much information as you can including a recent photo of your dog.
If you have not done so already activate your dog’s details on DogLost.co.uk and visit their site for help and information.

Our sponsors VioVet have a gundog theft blog:

Mum also found an article on the recently formed Stolen & Missing Pets Alliance, with an interesting infographic thingy which shows 2013’s dog theft statistics.

dog-theft-infographic 2013

Also from Shooting UK:

According to figures collated by advice service DogLost, numbers of gundog thefts have been steadily rising since 2009. In 2013, the organisation recorded a year-on-year increase of around 15 per cent and reported that half of all stolen dogs were gundogs.

Of almost 12,000 missing dogs registered with DogLost in 2013:

  • 723 were Labradors
  • 429 were springer spaniels, and
  • 426 were cocker spaniels

In the first three months of 2014, dogs registered as missing already include:

  • 160 Labradors
  • 97 cocker spaniels, and
  • 80 springer spaniels

Mum says people should also be aware that even though most of us woofers are considered part of the family, if we are taken the law acts as though we are replaceable property. This makes Mum sad as she says I’m irreplaceable and even though I’m getting old and epileptic and arthritic (and a cancer survivor, go me!) she will always do all she can to keep me safe at home and away. 

What the law says:

Whether a Labrador or a laptop is taken, the maximum penalties at law are the same:

  • Simple theft, say from a public place or car: 7 years in prison
  • Burglary, involving illegal entry into a building to commit the crime: 14 years in prison
  • Blackmail, for instance where a ransom is demanded: 14 years in prison
  • Minimum sentence: community service/a fine

Lastly, Mum was sent a troubling piece from CCTV.co.uk about dog thieves tagging pet owners’ homes with paint…she thinks it’s appalling and would like to do things that I can’t repeat here, I’m a lady you know, to the naughty humans that cruelly steal much-loved pets away. 

Here’s some of what CCTV had to say on the matter:

Dismissed as a hoax in 2013, CCTV.co.uk says it has learned of reports of dog theft where paint marks have been left on gate posts or door frames. Other reports say thieves are photographing houses that they intend to target. The only solution is increased vigilance, the company says.“As dog owners ourselves, it’s a nasty crime spurred only by financial gain,” says spokesman Jonathan Ratcliffe.

CCTV.co.uk says that organised groups are identifying likely animals while they are being exercised in parks, following them home and recording the homes for future reference. Animals that appear to be pedigree breeds or pups of high value are often targeted more often.

“The animals are then stolen to order and used to breed puppies that can sell for hundreds of pounds each,” says Ratcliffe. “Puppy farming is cruel enough without it being the result of criminal enterprise. It needs to be stamped out.”

CCTV.co.uk says it’s a distressing crime that separates much-loved pets and show dogs from families carried out by people who have no feeling as to the hurt they are causing.
“It’s all about making money, and pet theft is seen as a relatively easy crime because most homes have relatively low levels of security,” says Jonathan.

CCTV.co.uk says that they’ve been asked to install more security systems from householders and dog breeders concerned about their security, amid reports of growing numbers of thefts.

“People are genuinely concerned about dog theft gangs,” says Ratcliffe. “Whether or not they’re marking the houses of potential victims, the threat is real enough.”

Jonathan, a cocker spaniel owner himself, also got in touch with Mum as he’s interested to hear if any of you have feedback about using CCTV to deter dog thefts. We’d love you to leave your thoughts below.

Stella pawtograph new blog colour 2014


*not a sponsored post just very important.



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Lisas-Life.com Maquarkaroni Cheese

Maquarkaroni Cheese – Cooking with Quark again

After my first successful experience of cooking with quark, I thought I’d try a different recipe…


I got the basics from The Lake District Dairy Co and made the ingredients fit my requirements…

For instance their recipe uses 500g of quark, I had a 250g tub which, as it was, made enough for 2 meals so I adjusted the other quantities. I may make a bigger one and see how it freezes, I don’t mind having the same meal 2 nights in a row, but, 4 might be pushing it!

I used:

100g of Tesco Free From Penne Pasta
150ml of A2 milk
A tablespoon of cornflour
250g of quark
100g of Lactofree mature cheddar (for the sauce) + 30g for the topping
100g of cherry tomatoes

I didn’t have any mustard and I’m not a fan of pepper so I used garlic granules and celery salt to season.

Free From Pasta

Maquarkaroni Cheese ingredients

I boiled the pasta as per instructions and then made the cheese sauce. Bearing in mind you can count the times I’ve made cheese sauce from scratch on one finger*, I was expecting lumps and gloop, but, it actually turned out really well!

*not even joking.

Put everything into a glass ovenproof dish then halved the tomatoes and scattered the remaining cheese on top ready to go under the grill.

My grill is bit on the pathetic side, power wise, and the Lactofree cheese doesn’t go as brown and bubbly as proper cheese so my finished version was still a bit pale, yours won’t be :) 

Lisas-Life.com Maquarkaroni Cheese

 I wish I’d known about the low-fat non-tummy-irritant properties of quark before…next step…puddings! :) 

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One Photo No Words 19 October 2014

lisas-life one photo no words 19 October 2014

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lisas-life chocolate & banana muffins

Chocolate and Banana Muffins

In case you hadn’t noticed it’s National Chocolate Week so I scoured the internet for a new yummy recipe. Originally this was going to be involving almonds but then I spotted the fast-ripening bananas in my fruit bowl, so I present:

lisas-life chocolate & banana muffins

Before I start, many thanks to Nigella for another fault free starting recipe!

My ingredients aren’t so very different as this is dairy free to begin with, yay :)

lisas-life choc banana muffins 1

For 12 muffins I used:

3 very ripe bananas
125ml rice bran oil
2 large eggs
100g soft light brown sugar
225g Doves Farm gluten free plain white flour
3 tablespoons cocoa powder
1 teaspoon baking powder

Once the ingredients are all mixed together, these muffins only take 20 minutes to bake at 200° meaning that you can prepare them after breakfast and have the first one with elevenses!

Lovely :)

lisas-life choc banana muffins 2

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Word Of The Week: Chocolate

What word would I choose to describe the week? Well…

On Monday I shared my new Chocolate Pinterest Board

On Tuesday I compared chocolate flavoured teas

On Wednesday I made a slideshow of Chocolate Labrador photos…

On Thursday I wrote some chocolate themed poetry

No choice really this week! :) 

lisas-life chocolate for WOTW

The Reading Residence

Sara’s prompt from Mum Turned Mom this week was ‘Joy.’ Fits pretty well I think! :)

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