one photo no words Stella

One Photo No Words: 23rd October 2016 Stella


Silent Sunday with MummyConstant

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The Prompt: Red

Some of you are aware that Stella is now very poorly indeed. As I type this we are preparing for a serious conversation with the vet that will most likely include planning a date for euthanasia. I will never be ready but each day she shows more signs that she’s finding her reduced quality of […]

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Woof Wednesday: 8 Things Your Senior Dog Will Thank You For Doing

I’m just not up to writing much at the moment and have shamelessly scoured the interwebs for something relevant to bring you today. Sad to say, Stella isn’t doing too well at all and I’m just concentrating on making her comfortable and pandering to her every whim…nothing changes really! Joking aside, I’m getting doubtful that […]

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On The Right Foot with Carnation

I recently read some survey results concluding that 1 in 10 people would happily take a pay cut to wear trainers at work and 41% of women have cut short a night out as their feet were hurting so much. The latter I’ve definitely done and am very fortunate in that, working with my dad, I […]

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One Photo No Words: 16 October 2016

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A Blipmeet in Bedfordshire

Some of you may have visited The Shuttleworth Collection at Old Warden in Bedfordshire and I know a few Flickr friends have got some great aircraft photos there…but…I wasn’t aware that The Swiss Garden was situated alongside until quite recently. A group of blippers gathered there for one of our meetups back in August and […]

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Woof Wednesday: Puppy Premiere

Definitely not my usual type of blog post but when this bundle of cute landed in the Lisa’s Life inbox on Monday morning, I knew I had to share it! Going through our fair share of sad here at the moment as you know (every day’s still being a blessing with darling Stella) so a […]

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