The Prompt: Beach Skegness beach

A race to get ready
A race for all to leave
A race to beat the traffic jams
The queues you won’t believe!

A glimpse of sun up in the sky
A glimpse of flesh on the beach
A glimpse of ice cream on your shirt
The drop that the dog couldn’t reach!

A stroll with sand in between your toes
A stroll along the parade
A stroll with the wind in your hair
The thrill of the penny arcade!

A few hours spent at the seaside
A few moments of pure bliss
A few more smiling faces
The holidays were made for this.

Prose for Thought
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Woof Wednesday: Walk This Way

I’ve mentioned briefly here and elsewhere that Stella took a little turn for the worse healthwise a couple of weekends ago. Our lovely vet had prepared me that there would come a day that Stella would not be able to get up for herself after a fall. She didn’t however prepare for the fact that it would […]

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Eleven Things…

I was tagged for ‘eleven things’ by Gemma from the UK Bloggers Facebook group and the idea is to answer 11 questions and then ask a new eleven questions for the bloggers I tag to answer. Anyone’s free to pinch this of course as I often do! So, my eleven questions copied & pasted from Gemma: […]

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My Simples Sunday Photo


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The Prompt: To Read

I can’t see Sara getting any negative entries for this week’s prompt; I think as bloggers it’s inherent in us to love to read. No doubt there are variations in what we love to read though. For some it will be chick lit ( I do hate that phrase!); for some, horror; for some, autobiographies; […]

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Woof Wednesday: A Chip Off The Old Block

A few weeks ago, I told you the story of the local lost dog. I can’t imagine ever risking the loss of Brodie, Stella, or any future dog I share my life with by not having them microchipped. So, I was very supportive of the law introduced requiring the microchipping of all dogs in England from […]

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Still In My Prime

Last Wednesday was Amazon Prime Day. A bit like Black Friday but just online and just for Amazon Prime Members of which I am one. I know some people felt a need to boycott them along with Starbucks et al when the tax hoo-ha thing came to light, but, I have always received excellent customer […]

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