Woof Wednesday: Stella’s Story

Stella’s Story
On the 19th May 2003 my beloved chocolate Labrador, Brodie, crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I thought I could never love another dog again, she was the best dog in the world…ever!
A year later my ex-husband called & asked would I like to babysit his employer’s black Labrador while the chap was in Spain for 6 weeks. I said I would & made great friends with Lindy, so much so that when the 6 weeks became 8 I didn’t want to give her back! I had to of course and was well paid for looking after her.
What better way to spend my earnings than finding a new dog that needed a new home? After searching awhile I came across an advert for a 10 month old black Labrador girl that was no longer wanted by her family. Drove down to Dagenham on the 8th September 2004 with a bundle of cash and met the very quiet & timid un-Labrador-like Stella, and, along with her pedigree papers, toy, a little food & vet record, brought her home (via Pets at Home for a new bed and various other extravagances)
We came to discover that Stella was quiet as she hadn’t had a great start in life. She was pretty much scared of everything and everyone and it’s been quite a journey watching her trust and confidence slowly grow. There are still a few anxiety issues & of course now she’s older more general health issues too.
Despite everything, she turned into a faithful friend and my (almost) constant companion, and, in the 6 & a bit years since our eyes first met, I’ve never once regretted taking her on. Here’s to many more Woof Wednesdays!
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  1. What a lovely introducing, hello Stella.
    What a great buy for the pleasure you got earning the money, and nice to see you have made a difference in her life.
    We rescued a timid and scared dog when she was approx 18 months old and gave her 15 years of a wonderful life before she crossed to the bridge, but as of yet we have not got another. over from my first blog post

  2. We have just got our first puppy so I am now a lot more interested in dog posts than I used to be! I wonder how Stella worked out – will have to go and read one of your more up to date posts to find out 🙂 #MtFirstBlogPost

  3. Aw she loves absolutely adorable! Dogs are such a wonderful addition to life aren’t they? Such a shame she had a sorry start to life but I’m sure you will make up for that. Thanks for sharing on #oldiesbutgoodies 🙂

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