Sunday Sermon: Easter

Don’t panic, I’m not going to start bible-bashing but as a long term fan of alliteration (Woof Wednesday, Foto Friday…) I like this title 🙂 Also, today is not only my first Sunday blog, but quite a special Sunday in many ways.
 I attended the Easter service at my church and then had a stroll over to Ely Cathedral which had also had a large turnout this morning by the looks of things. Lots of people around in their “Sunday best” and nice to see.
This afternoon I was at my brother’s for a barbecue party. It was his wife’s birthday & also their first wedding anniversary. They also put on an Easter egg hunt for the little ‘uns in the family, one of which had a birthday too recently so he had presents as well as eggs 🙂
The only eggs I’ve had are poached ducks’ eggs for lunch due to my various food intolerances, probably for the best given the BMI my Wii Fit estimated for me yesterday! That also meant I couldn’t have a slice of either birthday cake but did partake of some Simnel instead 🙂
The weather stayed glorious though thankfully a tad cooler than yesterday. Poor Stella didn’t come with me as she’s really been suffering in the heat and was quite under the weather earlier. She’s in much better spirits at the end of the day though 🙂


  1. Gorgeous pics as usual! Love the bunting in the garden!!
    No eggs here either but I shall make a fruit loaf
    Tomorrow. Xxx

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