Sunday Sermon

Last Christmas, I didn’t give you my heart but I did start going to church regularly.
I’m not a “born again” Christian by any means, God has always been around, I just decided to visit Him at home more regularly!
Not inspired by any event traumatic or otherwise, it was just something I’d been feeling I wanted to do for quite some time. Various obstacles, mostly my own shyness & worsening agoraphobia during my depression, stopped me doing so until the realisation that if I couldn’t enter a church alone without feeling afraid, I was never going to want to go anywhere! The Christmas service was the perfect time to try as amongst the highest congregation of the year I could easily disappear if I needed to.
I went to a local church for a few weeks, but, while everyone was nice enough, something didn’t feel quite right. So, I began researching other churches in the Ely area and came across the website for “Lighthouse”
It’s a modern church with modern ideas in a modern building & I do miss traditional pews & stained-glass windows but the compromise works as the modern message suits me too.
The moment I walked in so many people came up & introduced themselves and welcomed me. It’s a very loving and lively church. Lots of hugs & high 5s. Some would say it’s rather Americanised but at the last count I think there were 25 different Nationalities amongst us at Sunday Service. Maybe a bit modern & “happy clappy” for some but I find our Pastor’s Sermons just as valid as those at “traditional” church.
I believe I needed this type of church to release me from my usual introversion and I’ve been introduced to sacred music that I can really identify with. A couple of examples below help illustrate the wide range of songs we sing with the help of an awesome band.
Of course, I live in a very modern world with conflicting thoughts re science & religion. I truly believe there’s room for both. In the same way, my ipod has room for Madonna *and* Hillsong! Though I did admit the other day to blushing as “Erotica” boomed out of my speakers as I left the church car park, maybe not quite appropriate! Those are the times I’m pleased God blessed me with a sense of humour 🙂
After all the bad luck I seem to encounter in my private life I still struggle to believe in the power of prayer. But, a lot of people go through very much worse with their faith remaining very much intact and that is incredibly inspirational to me.
I guess I’m still at the start of my spiritual journey. Often a lonely road but a worthwhile road I hope 🙂
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  1. Thank you for sharing. I do find ‘happy clappy’ churches are much friendlier than ‘high church’ where everybody seems more worried about when to stand up and sit down, though I do like the smells and bells.

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