Woof Wednesday: Walkies At Wicken

A while back the good people at National Trust: Wicken Fen Nature Reserve announced they would be holding a weekly “Health Walk” on a Wednesday morning. What a great idea. Wednesday is my day off from work and I knew Wicken was a place Stella liked as we had been there geocaching last Summer.
Only a few minutes away from home and free too, what a lovely way to spend an hour, exploring the countryside and getting exercise in the fresh air. Anyone that knows Fenland though will know that some weeks we do get blown around a fair bit by the exuberant fen winds but this morning the weather was glorious 🙂
Expecting cygnets any time soon
Ready to go

These walks have gone from attracting about half a dozen people at the first one to approaching 40 this morning. Stella always gets lots of attention and is gradually getting used to having to share her walkies time with other people and dogs! I think it’s doing wonders for her anxiety issues and socialisation skills (not to mention mine!) 🙂

I thought it would just be us, mum!
Each week we take a different route through the Fen and village so there’s usually something different to see. The more serious ramblers head off at a fast pace and I’m sure they must miss out on a lot of the beautiful sights and sounds despite getting a better workout than us dawdlers at the back! I guess everyone goes along for their own reasons.
What’s over there?
Highland Cattle
Some weeks we don’t make it which is a shame. Had to miss a few weeks when Stella was under the “posh” vet for her ear surgery and as the walks are at 10am sometimes we’re waiting in for *morning* deliveries but if we can get there we do and always enjoy it.
Adventurers Fen
Konik ponies
The walk leaders are very friendly and knowledgeable too so any wildlife or history questions are answered patiently and confidently. And they never rush anyone around even though we are officially only allocated an hour. Everyone is checked in and they wait for every last person (and dog) to finish. All very professional in my opinion.
So, to recap. We get fresh air, exercise & conversation, all in beautiful surroundings, at no cost. Bit of a bargain if you ask me! 🙂
Have you done a health walk?


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