it’s Thursday…it’s Top Of The Pops iPod shuffle!

For my music-inspired blog this week I’ve gone for the good old iPod shuffle and seeing what the first 5 tunes are to appear 🙂
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Here goes:
1. Terence Trent D’Arby “Rain”
I can’t remember if this was a single or not but certainly a great track from his “Introducing The Hardline According To…” album. There seems to be a line in it about eating all your mushrooms until you see, as a carrot-hater this makes me chuckle!
2. George Michael “Freedom ’90”
Most famous for all the supermodels of the time appearing in the video and the song Robbie Williams chose to cover to launch his solo career after leaving Take That. Great tune, great words, a winning formula 🙂 From George’s “Listen Without Prejudice” album.
3. UB40 “One in Ten”
This shows as being from “The Best Of…”  but originally from their album “Present Arms” I believe. I didn’t really know about UB40 until they covered “Red Red Wine” and wish I’d seen the complete band play live. I did see Ali Campbell a couple of years ago at a show where he appeared with Go West and Human League and by being a diva over his soundcheck made the show late and the other acts had to cut their performances short. It cast a bad atmosphere over proceedings & he ended up being booed. Still love their songs though 🙂
4. The Corrs “Queen of Hollywood”
From the excellent album “Talk On Corners” which I loved so much I even bought the *Special Edition* too! I did get to see this brilliant band live at Birmingham’s NEC, I think in 1999. Great show, such a talented and beautiful family 🙂
5. Duran Duran “Girls On Film”
The video for this single from the band’s first album certainly got people talking though this isn’t the place to show the uncensored version! 🙂 Pleased that their new work with Mark Ronson is more in this great style that won them so many fans back in the 80s.
Quite frankly I’m amazed that Madonna or Take That didn’t appear among the first! But, at least you were spared my Country & Western and Sacred music and also my enviable collection of novelty Christmas tunes!
What’s the first random tune *your* ipod/iphone/generic mp3 player/walkman/pc/radio… plays?
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  1. The first UB40 album Signing Off is their best. Originally an LP and 12″ single now all on same CD. I worked in a pub when Food For Thought/King double-A side single came out, it was by far the best sounding single on the jukebox and I played it every day for 3 months!

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