Foto Friday: Camera Phones

This week’s Digital Photography School challenge is “Camera Phones”. These have come a long way over the last few years & I believe some are now so good a lot of people don’t even bother carrying a proper camera nowadays.
The photo of Stella & I was actually taken with my old trusty Sony Ericsson years ago but now I’m in the iPhone crowd. Though mine’s only a 3GS, I understand the latest model has an excellent camera inbuilt.
We were geocaching this morning near a church so I used that as my subject 🙂


St Peter’s, Moulton, Suffolk

It’s fine but fairly limiting so I love to play with photography apps too, my favourite is called “PhotoStudio” where I can crop, add frames, adjust brightness, desaturate and generally have a lot of fun 🙂




black & white




Colour Charcoal Sketch




I think the Vintage effect is my favourite for churches and old buildings, I love the warm old-fashioned feel of it. Like when you find old photos that bring memories rushing back 🙂
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