It’s Thursday …it’s Top Of The Pops: Adam Ant

Taking a break from the 30 week song challenge this week to share my fab night out with Adam Ant last night!
Of course I mean my night out with @BubblyNatz and her daughter in which we saw Adam Ant in concert at the o2 Academy, Birmingham 🙂
I’ve never seen him live so was very excited when he announced a new tour after so long out of the limelight. None of my local friends wanted to go though so I travelled to Birmingham to see him instead of going to his Cambridge gig. And, thanks to my o2 iphone contract we got to jump the queue and be not be a million miles from the front in the venue 🙂
Turned out to be a long night with not one but three support acts:
This was very 80s style music so right up my street and the set included a couple of electro-type Adam Ant cover songs. Apparently, Johnny’s from Birmingham.
Another Birmingham act. Twin guitar-playing sisters and a drummer. Not bad but not great in my opinion and seemed more interested in promotion than performance.
London based band. Loud but melodic and a good choice of warm up for the main act.
After what seemed like a really long wait Adam Ant finally took to the stage & launched into “Plastic Surgery”. As is inevitable in a small venue there was lots of pushing and shoving along with shouting & screaming. At some points we were slightly concerned for our safety & sanity but all was good in the end apart from very sore feet & slight deafness!

He played a lot of older tracks from his back catalogue along with some commercial favourites and a couple of covers too. Something for everyone. Some songs I hadn’t heard in years, a couple I’d never heard and a lot that are played often and still sound great after all these years.

The very enthusiastic crowd belted out the songs almost drowning him out at times but he seemed to like that enthusiasm and despite the brashness & bolshiness, the “thank you”s were almost humble.


An excess of bad language and unneccessary scantily clad backing *singers* I could have happily done without (including the random rant about Bob Geldof & Bono after bearing a grudge since Live Aid!) but the backing band were great and seemed to relish their current status as The Good, The Mad & The Lovely Posse.

After an encore featuring “Prince Charming” and ending with “Physical (You’re So)” Adam left the stage, leaving the audience happily & nostalgically exhausted I believe. There’s certainly 3 girls still smiling today after a great gig 🙂
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  1. Can we go again huh huh huh????
    Ok how about Take that can we go see them ;o)

    I can’t believe this was a week ago now 🙁 Girlchild and I would both go see him live again he was amazing!!!!

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