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30 week song challenge
6. Song by someone you’d like to marry
Obviously aimed at the younger generation this question, as I’ve already been there, done that, got the t-shirt, sent the t-shirt to the charity shop…!
But, those that know me know I have an enormous crush on a certain member of a very popular boyband manband.

I wasn’t a big fan of the band (& especially this member) when they were first around and only had a copy of their comeback cd because my friend & I were taking her daughter to see them in concert for her 21st birthday. This person had his first solo lead on the track Wooden Boat on that Beautiful World cd & when he sang it live I thought he was amazing. There began a continued admiration.
He sings lead on the hidden track at the end of the latest cd Progress but the song I’ve chosen is from The Circus album. I love the tune, I love the words & I love his singing. He gets slated for just being a dancer but I find his voice beautiful despite the odd hiccup (& I blame Children in Need for him losing confidence to sing his only line in Never Forget on the current tour)
In other news, we are in fact astrologically compatible with us both being water signs and also both being dogs in the Chinese calendar! 😉
Anyway, enough waffle, here he is, my imaginary husband, from Take That, Mr Jason Orange xox

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