30 week song challenge: 16

30 week song challenge
16. Song That Describes You
I don’t think there is one.
Any time I fall in or out of love it’s probably something from Martina McBride’s back catalogue, often this:

But, while listening to Take That’s Progress album, one line from one song stands out as being *me*
“I’m at the back of the club and so afraid to speak, ‘cos I’m not like these people and these people are not like me”
So often I find myself in situations being quiet because I feel I have nothing to say and nothing in common with the people that surround me. I don’t do small talk. I’m not stupid or a snob, I’m generous, I’m sensitive (maybe too much!) but I just can’t seem to grasp that skill of conversing about anything & everything with anyone & everyone. When I try I probably come across as judgemental as I won’t tolerate bullsh*t and can spot it a mile off. Good job I don’t mind my own company!
Anyway, this is supposed to be a musical blog tonight so I’ll shut up now and judging from the lack of comments & feedback, no-one’s listening anyway! (you do know I’d love you all to share your own song choices right?!)
Here’s Take That 🙂

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