Madonna Monday

Today Madonna’s new cd “MDNA” arrived on my doormat. I was going to save reviewing it until Thursday’s Top Of The Pops blog but thought it might be interesting to see how I feel about it after just one full listen. To be honest, after clicking on a few teaser links I was half-dreading it. They all seemed way too overproduced & disco-y for my liking and losing Madonna’s own sound.
Firstly, for all the hype the cd booklet is massively disappointing, especially since I bought the 2cd *deluxe* edition, it’s just artwork we’ve all seen before and tiny credits at the back. No lyrics, no sleeve notes to speak of. A shame.
However, most important is the music so how does it shape-up?
Disc 1.
Girl Gone Wild. The current single with a predictable banned-to-under-18s video.

Good enough song, upbeat tune, works as a single but as an 80s girl I do feel she’s trying to appeal to a younger audience than me. Or just to people that think it’s cool to smoke & be promiscuous
Gang Bang. To be honest I hate this track on first listen. The lyrics are awful, there’s no discernible tune. I’ll give it another go but think I’ll be hitting the skip button in future.
I’m Addicted. Again, it’s ok. I may be getting too old to listen to disco Madonna!
Turn Up The Radio. Now, I liked this. It had the potential to be a great track but the over-production drowns it a little.

Give Me All Your Luvin’. The first single. I like it and I liked the throwback slightly over-American video. Could live without MIA & Nicki Minaj but still a good single.

Some Girls. Uh-oh, way too techno for me. Not my cup of tea.
Superstar. This is OK, the chorus could get very catchy after a couple more listens. I notice her daughter is credited with backing vocals too on this track. Maybe explains why it’s considerably less potentially offensive than a lot of the lyrics on this record!
I Don’t Give A. Unsurprisingly, I hate the title, & I hate the rap, but, other than that it’s not a bad album track. Possibly predictable but it fits in well with the rest.
I’m A Sinner. This fits in with the whole album too. Expected to dislike it given the title but actually it’s OK.
Love Spent. Liked this. To be honest I don’t see any other decent stand-out tracks that could be released as singles but this is one of the better ones.
Masterpiece. I love this song. It was used on the soundtrack for WE & beat Elton John to the Golden Globe for best song from a movie earlier in the year.

Falling Free. Another slower more melodic track & I wish there were more like it. Lovely.
Disc 2.
Beautiful Killer. A great tune but awful lyrics again. Watching too many of her ex-husband’s movies I suspect!
I F**ked Up. Hate the title. Love the song. I really like the music & lyrics here, if only she’d screwed up instead, it has the makings of being a favourite.
B-Day Song. Oh dear. I hope this was included as a bit of a joke. Let’s just say Stevie Wonder & Altered Images have no worries in the birthday song department!
Best Friend. Another lovely song hampered by too much techno. A shame as I like it. Would have been miles better being simply melodic in  my opinion.
We finish with a Give Me All Your Luvin’ remix and I’m left feeling relieved yet a little disappointed all at the same time. I don’t think it will make any new Madonna fans and I very much doubt she cares. Let’s face it she’s earned the right to release whatever the hell she likes!
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