Stress on Saturday

3 weeks ago today I was having a very bad day indeed. I didn’t realise it was a very bad day indeed until around this time of day but by then I wanted the day to be over!

First thing in the morning I got up, made my coffee, did my stomach crunches & Wii Fitting as usual and made breakfast. I remember having what I’d call a slight seasick feeling using the abdominal exerciser but put it down to overdoing it because as soon as I was done I felt fine again. Played with Stella & visited the farmers market in Ely before lunch and then went off to my part time voluntary job in the charity shop.

The afternoon went by pretty normally until about 3pm when I had a sudden hot flush & dizzy spell. I checked my watch and decided it must be a mid-afternoon hunger pang, sat down for 5 minutes let it pass and carried on. My shift would finish at 3:30 so I’d have a kitkat & a cuppa when I got home.

I felt fine again when I left as I had a chat with one of the other ladies about our shop building (a converted chapel) being haunted and drove home. Saw that my Mum had called while I was out and thought I’d catch up with her once I’d had my snack & taken Stella out. Opened the back door, grabbed a ball & headed out into the garden, took one step out, promptly went dizzy again and almost fell over as I lost my balance. Reached for the door-frame and hauled myself back inside to sit down.

Within a few minutes I felt fine again so I rang Mum. I said I was planning to go & meet her but I’d felt a bit poorly and thought I’d better stay in. While I was talking to her I felt faint again and decided to take myself off to bed. As soon as I tried to lay down the room started to spin. If I shut my eyes I felt like *I* was spinning. This wasn’t good. Then I remembered my brother having a condition called Labyrinthitis several years ago and the symptoms were similar. Except he was being sick too. It couldn’t be that then. I forced my eyes shut and prayed for sleep.

2 hours later I woke up sweating but the spinning had subsided so I got up to plan tea. That wasn’t going to happen, every step to the kitchen felt like I was on a merry-go-round! There was no way I was safe to put the oven on so I made a sandwich in a very wibbly wobbly fashion, got a drink and took an Anadin. I’d be fine in the morning.

I wasn’t. Ended up getting my parents to take me to the out-of-hours GP who said yes it was Labyrinthitis but the mild version without the vomiting. Even though he prescribed me 10 days of tablets and told me to rest & not drive, I just heard the word “mild” and planned to be back at work by the Wednesday. My illness had other ideas!

3 weeks later and I’ve not even managed an hour in total at the office. I still haven’t driven, I’m on a different prescription (this one without the bad tummy side effects) I still get a headache every time I move, my ears still feel blocked….but, I’m not hearing things, I’m not falling over, only having about one dizzy spell a day and still haven’t thrown up so the good is far outweighing the bad.

I’m planning to try a little drive to a safe location that’s not too far to walk home from tomorrow before attempting a proper return to work on Monday. Need to get some longer walkies in too to prepare for the sponsored walk in 4 weeks time!

I haven’t felt this useless since my last bout of clinical depression and though my Mum thinks I’m pushing myself too hard trying to recover I can’t let this drag on or I will end up back in that dark place. The main difference is that back then I didn’t care so much about being so tired, drained of energy & enthusiasm and feeling poorly as I didn’t want to go anywhere or do anything or see anyone.

For anyone that isn’t aware of Labyrinthitis here are links to a couple of good sites:



Finding these has made me feel lucky as some people suffer a lot more than I and for a lot longer. Yes, I’m feeling bored and fed up of it but it could be a lot lot worse 🙂

& a massive thank you to Mum & Dad for helping with food, gardening, driving, collecting prescriptions etc. Having no friends locally I’ve had to rely on them for a lot. I’ve hated losing my independence but needs must!

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