A Quiche…without pastry?!

AKA my latest cookery experiment!
Last week I bought a new book from Amazon. It’s part of the “Cooking Without” series by Barbara Cousins. I bought a couple of books but this has swiftly become my favourite as the ingredients and measurements are English 🙂
  As this was my first attempt & they usually go wrong I didn’t know what to expect as it was quite an interesting recipe and, unusually, there are no photos so I had absolutely no idea what “All-In-One Courgette & Mushroom Quiche” was supposed to look like!
This was actually purely a gluten-free recipe but I swapped margarine/butter for Pure soya spread and all turned out well.
As always I made a couple of recipe adjustments and made the amount of courgette smaller so I could add bacon to it!
You basically cook the mushrooms, courgette, bacon, butter (substituted for soya spread), then mix with the beaten eggs, flour (gluten-free) & baking powder. Then pour it into a flan dish (or whatever you have like I did) and cook for 40 minutes.
It sort of rises a bit like a cake in the oven and goes golden brown. I’m always amazed and delighted when something goes to plan and this looked almost “normal” when the time came to take it out.
It is quite an eggy cakey consistency but very nice. Maybe the nearest comparison is Yorkshire pudding but firmer and with bits in. I think when I make it again though I’ll add some sheep cheese or if I can’t get any I’ll add more bacon. It’s currently more plain than flavourful and needs a little extra something.
Can be eaten warm or cold. They suggest with salad. I also think it makes a nice little snack with a dollop of mayonnaise.
Anyone fancy a slice? 🙂
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