Woof Wednesday: Dog Yoga

Downward Facing Dog.
A lady on Blipfoto was recently sent this card:
It made me smile as Stella loves to watch me/be under my feet while I’m trying to practise my yoga.
Whether it’s because I haven’t been able to do any for over a month (my Labyrinthitis, though almost gone now, still lingers enough that I feel if I attempted to put myself in any sort of upside-down position my head would go bang!) or just because it amused me, I found myself typing “yoga dog” into image search engines to see what else I could find.
Here’s a selection of what came up on Google…some are sweet, some are funny, some are downright odd…but all evoked a reaction!
& then I found this! Yoga classes for dogs! Doga!
I can’t see Stella and myself signing up for any of these classes but how great that they exist 🙂
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