Sunny Sunday Stroll

As there’s only 7 days until our sponsored walk I thought Stella & I ought to go and find out where the place is that the walk takes place! We’ve never visited Grafham Water before but if it was nearer we’d probably go more often after today.
The sat nav announced that we were there before I saw it signposted but other than that we arrived with little drama.
You have to pay to park but that’s not unusual and the car park was substantial in size and close enough to the facilities that I didn’t have to take Stella in the loo with me as I usually do!
It was a beautiful day and the place was very busy as, as well as families, cyclists, joggers and water-sporters, there was some sort of racing event on too. It didn’t seem too overcrowded though and we had a lovely wander 🙂
We liked the beachy area by the lake but I didn’t let Stella have a paddle much to her disgust. I doubt she’s allowed anyway but there was a fishing boat not far from shore and I don’t think we’d have been popular if she’d have frightened the fish away!
Looking forward to going back next week and hopefully reaching my donation target.
As I type I’m 70% there, not a bad start 🙂
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