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“Nothing needs to be the way it’s always been”
is the very true strapline for a Cognitive Hypnotherapy system I’ve recently been introduced to.
Therapist Dawn of Think It Change It kindly sent me one of their Pocket Panic Busters to try and, as I was expecting a hectic, stressful, trying-to-be-in-6-places-at-once sort of bank holiday weekend, the timing was perfect!
I won’t go over old ground regarding my own depression and anxiety issues but, even though my panic attacks are much less frequent these days, I think it’s important to give time & space to anyone & anything that may help both myself and others in the same position. We’re 1 in 4 you know!
Usually I carry a Bachs Rescue Remedy spray with me, but by the time I’ve fumbled around in my bag for it and it’s started to work I’m already sweating profusely and short of breath, desperate to crawl into a hole and hide. At times this can make things worse as I feel I’m drawing even more attention to myself mid-panic in a crowded Tescos!
An alternative *had* to be worth considering.
Firstly, I have to say, how small have MP3 players got?! This is good though because this little player fits in your pocket and nobody knows your listening to a hypnotherarapy track, you could be listening to Keane or Madonna or even an audio book. Very discreet.
I should also say that having previously tried various hypnotherapy downloads without a great deal of success I was of course sceptical. But, like I say, any new idea, if someone has been kind and clever enough to develop it, deserves a chance.
Friday morning would provide the first anxiety trigger.
I have a part time voluntary job in a charity shop but the car park doesn’t even have the same amount of spaces as there are shops in town and I’m left with the decision whether to risk a clamp in the supermarket car park or walk from the other end of town. Choosing walk I’m pleased, running late, that the player was charged and ready to go when I left the house.
You may think it’s no big deal being late and that I’m not getting paid anyway. But, to those of us with anxiety anti-angels always on our shoulder, anything can become a big deal. Mental health really has no care for rationality!
The first track on the player introduces us to 7/11 breathing. This will take a few tries for me to get right, I can’t even get my yoga breathing right, but thinking and trying distracts you from the source of the panic so it’s a good start.
We’re then invited to try ‘spinning’. This is about colours and shapes and I needed to spin from grey to green. Green is my colour of calm hence the change of text colour especially for this blog post 🙂
Here’s a video so you can get an idea of what you’ll be getting when you purchase a Pocket Panic Buster for yourself.

Over the bank holiday weekend I thankfully only encounter a couple of anxiety triggers. For instance on Saturday afternoon Stella and I got caught out by a thunderstorm. Knowing from past experience that this could mean her having a seizure I started to fret about whether I’d get her back to the car ok. I did but had got myself in a bit of a state in the meantime.
Having a friendly voice in your ear does help diffuse the building panic though. I still can’t get the 7/11 breathing quite right but it will come.
It will be on walkies on good days that I can practice this more. The combination of dog and countryside will keep me calm and I’ll learn easier then. I know other people learn better when on ‘high alert’ but I’m not one of them.
On both Sunday and Monday I listened to the relaxation track included on my player. The first time it barely had any effect but on the 2nd listen it really worked. A real breakthrough for someone who just doesn’t ‘get’ meditation!
It’s worth mentioning, because I think this is a big factor in the success for me, that Dawn’s voice is of a very good tone for this type of thing. I’ve mentioned earlier about trying hypnotherapy recordings before but so far only Paul Mckenna’s has produced any results for me. His tone of voice is good too. The others I’ve tried have been by people with very broad accents (notably American and Essex) that, though I’m used to hearing those accents most days, they just don’t work for me as a relaxation tool.
And, now we’re back into the working week again and so I’ve taken advantage of the great deal of free space on the player by putting some of my favourite sacred music on it. That way I’ll have relaxation techniques and ‘happy place’ tunes at my fingertips.
Of course when you order your player you can then download further hypnotherapy tracks to add to it. There are already several to choose from on the website and I’m sure more will be added in the future. They’re not at all expensive either, well worth a look.
Think It Change It’s ‘Therapy Beyond Geography’ is a really good idea. As well as the downloads and YouTube videos, you can also book sessions via Skype or Facetime to address any issues.
A very promising package in my opinion.
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  1. Thank you Lisa. I am so glad you find it useful. The trick with 7/11 is just to breathe in for a different count than out – that it is uneven – so just do it at the speed of counting that works for you. And a very good point about using it as a distraction – I’ll make note of that!

    Also glad you’re making full use of it and putting other tracks on it 🙂

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