National Poetry Day

This evening’s blog was meant to be ‘Tasty Thursday’ but I had a major kitchen/ingredients/oven fail & so can’t share my planned Coca-Cola Chocolate Cake.
But, as it’s National Poetry Day here’s a poem instead!
In honour of ‘The Great British Bake Off,’
TV show with goodies you’d love to scoff,
I tried to bake a cake,
but it was a mistake,
ended up in the bin as a write off!
Limericks are my favourite type of poem;
telling a story in just 5 lines is great for those of us with a short attention span!
However my favourite poems are much longer and aren’t even *rhymey*. When I was younger I thought all poems had to rhyme but then I learnt that it wasn’t necessary to rhyme at all;
a good definition can be found at
So, what are my favourite poems?
One favourite I knew nothing about until I lost my darling Brodie and someone e-mailed it to me. I found it very comforting and try to pass it on now to those that have lost their darling pets.
I have probably already shared it on a Woof Wednesday blog but there’s a sweet website dedicated to
Rainbow Bridge too.
The following I have loved for a very long time. Originally written by Mary Stevenson there is also a re-written version of ‘Footprints In The Sand’ by Carolyn Joyce Carty
It is this 2nd version I have hanging on my wall in cross stitch form kindly made by a family member for me.
Do you have a favourite poem?


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  1. Thanks for visiting 🙂

    Samples now ordered and some of their redbush, I think it’s the one Scotsdales garden centre have, & you’re right it’s not cheap but I deserve a treat!

  2. Thought that I would tell you about the tea here.

    It’s ‘teapig’ tea. They have a website. I first tasted the breakfast blend in a cafe, it’s quite expensive so we have it and savour it on weekends.

    Great tribute to Nationalj Poetry Day, by the way.

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