Friday Freebies

Who doesn’t love free stuff?
This week I used my free sample of Glutafin white flour mix (from the coeliac food fair a couple of weeks ago) to make Toad-In-The-Hole. Delicious.
The mix has a little skimmed milk in so if you have a serious milk allergy it’s a no-no but for the main milk content I used Oatly and got good results and no ill effects.
I was sent a link to get a sample welcome pack from Livwell and was expecting a leaflet and a voucher.
Instead, this big purple box arrived this morning!
I was vaguely aware of the Livwell name but only in the gluten-free department. I didn’t realise they were milk free too, I’d have sought them out before now!
In the parcel was a small loaf of bread, a package of flatbreads and an information pack introducing the brand with lots of facts and a note of where to buy their range.
The bread was multi-seeded and I’m generally dubious of any bread with bits in but I toasted a couple of slices for my lunch with Vitalite and honey and it wasn’t bad at all. If the *healthy* version is that good I’m looking forward to trying the white.
As I’ve got chicken out of the freezer for tea, it’s looking like the flatbreads will get a trial too.
Judging from the information pack it looks like there’s a substantial range of sweet treats too, I shall be looking out for those on my next shopping trip!
Thank you Livwell.
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