Friday Food Fail

Actually, “fail” is too harsh. Today’s experiment may not have quite gone to plan but the result is at least edible and tasty if not cosmetically pleasing!
Another from Nigel Slater’s ’12 Tastes of Christmas’, today’s adapted recipe was Marzipan Berry Cakes.
My ingredients:
180g caster sugar & 180g Pure dairy free spread, beaten till fluffy;
2 ducks eggs beaten & added to sugar mixture;
80g Doves plain gluten-free flour mix & 150g ground almonds added:
100g marzipan, added in small pieces;
blueberries (3 per cake)
180° for half an hour.
Nigel’s recipe states this is for 12 cakes but given the amount of mix I had they would be too big and rich for this time of year so I made quite a few more.
Now they’re done I still believe that was the right thing to do, but, I should have used greaseproof paper for all of them. I put too much trust in my silicone bakeware but what with the melting marzipan and the bursting blueberries they’re just too sticky to come out!
Next time I think I’ll have to find mini muffin cases as I prefer the more uniform shape.
I’ve scooped them out into a big bowl and will do servings with some soya cream. They’re too nice to go in the bin! It’ll be like an almondy, cakey, blueberry messy thing 🙂
I’m so pleased the ingredients worked though…these won’t be only for Christmastime. Yum.
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