Woof Wednesday: Poetry & Pupdate

Inspired by Julie at Dog Cast Radio asking her Facebook friends to come up with poetry about their dogs in the form of haiku (17 syllables) or a limerick I wrote these;
Stella is her name,
She is sensitive and tame,
Scrummy food’s her aim.***

Some nine years ago I found Stella,
And sometimes I must call her Smella,
She rolls in fox poo,
And eats it up too,
But I love her, won’t ever sell her.
Does your pet deserve an ode? :)*****

I waited to publish this blog until later in the day as Stella had a vet visit this afternoon & I wanted to be able to provide an update on her progress. We are continuing with the anti-inflammatory medicine as her legs are showing small signs of improvement on it and also while we were there they took blood for her epilepsy check-up. There was slight concern as to whether she would need extra protection for her liver as the counts on certain things (names escape me now) were rather high but the vet just called me with the good news that today’s sample was perfect. So, everything has settled down nicely 🙂

Fingers and paws crossed for further improvements!


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