13th – 19th May 2013 is
This year’s focus is on the potential benefits of physical exercise on our mental well-being. I say potential as, like myself, several people with diagnosed mental health issues also live with other illnesses that restrict their exercise possibilities.
On a good day there’s nothing better than a walk in the woods with Stella but on a bad day with my vertigo I can’t even make it as far as the back garden with her without stumbling over.
I have a Wii Fit indoors but until we find a way to better manage my dizzy spells it’s not advised I use it. I’ve found some yoga poses beneficial but again can only do that on good days.
There are some schools of thought that don’t condone the prescribing of medication, but without mine, these last few weeks of ill health would have been almost unbearable.
My new doctor prescribed Prozac to help with my anxiety and mild clinical depression and, though it has a chequered past, I’ve had no concerns with it so far. Certainly the physical symptoms I suffer when the black dog is hanging around are much decreased currently and for that alone I am very grateful considering the other almost daily problems I’m encountering.
For extra anxious times the Bach’s rescue remedy is my top-up tool of choice and I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a more natural form of stress-relief. Deep breathing is good too. Before I had dizzy spells doing this with eyes closed was more effective but I can’t do that now so calming down takes a little longer but nonetheless happens 🙂
Most importantly, if you’re suffering from any form of deterioration in your mental health, please don’t be afraid to talk about it. There’s a wealth of help and advice out there, don’t be afraid or ashamed to use it. Yes, there’s still stigma but that won’t change if we don’t help those that want to help us 🙂
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