Balance Awareness Week

It wasn’t just National Cupcake Week commencing last Monday,
but, also, Balance Awareness Week.
With the world being so small nowadays thanks to t’interweb, I have no idea whether either of these events were national, international or made up by marketing men.
However, both were of interest to me.
Some of you lucky people have no problem at all putting one foot in front of the other without falling, but, some days I do. I describe those times as wearing the wrong feet!

photo courtesy of the Vestibular Disorders Association

 Fortunately, those days are less frequent since my BPPV was treated, in fact I’d say as far as dizzy spells go I’ve seen a 75% to 90% improvement 🙂

My current (I say current because each doctor I see has a different idea) diagnosis is vestibular migraine and probably the worst symptoms are the headaches and earaches (including rather distracting tinnitus) but on Friday I have an MRI scan to rule out anything not so nice. 
When the dizzy spells come though it’s awfully disconcerting, they’re not so bad if it’s when I wake up as I can take my time to move around but often they happen suddenly with no warning (the only migraine-like trigger is changes in the weather) and this can be quite frightening. Especially as on 2 occasions it’s happened when I was driving.
The wrong feet attacks can last minutes to hours and they just have to resolve themselves. No medication has worked yet. I do have exercises to do though which in time will strengthen my balance. Only problem until we find a better working medicine is getting dizzy while doing them. But, my brain is working to a certain degree to try and stop me falling as I’ve never had anything worse than cuts and bruises.
Most embarrassing occurrence was a couple of weeks ago out in a park geocaching with Stella, I stumbled so suddenly and pretty much covered myself, my phone and my camera in mud! She just sat patiently with me while I composed myself, and used one of her wet wipes to get the mud off my face! I called out but no-one stopped to help me. I think when it happens I probably seem drunk and I wouldn’t want to stop and help some drunken idiot that should know better and be sleeping off a hangover! My camera had to be sent away for repair and is still dented but all damage was superficial.
If anything positive is coming out of this though I’m much more tolerant of people out-and-about struggling to get around and now think twice before thinking the stumbling idiot ahead of me needs a breathalyser test.
Maybe we should all take a minute not to presume the worst of others. They could have an invisible illness too. I’m not looking for sympathy, just awareness that even though I look “normal” (whatever that is) I sometimes could do with a helping hand.


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  1. Such a sobering though, and a lovely post. I will think twice while rushing about that maybe the person walking slowly in front of me needs to slow down and that they are not just getting in my way! I hope you find some cure, at best, but so nice to read about something I knew nothing about.

  2. I quite agree that everyone should cut each other some slack – no one knows what is going on with others, especially when it is not visible. I hope the scan went ok yesterday and hop to hear all about it. Thanks for linking to PoCoLo x

  3. While “cupcake week” sounds really nice (just realized I haven’t baked them for a while!), “balance awareness week” sounds extremely serious. There are so many illnesses that we might not notice, as there might be no visible symptoms, yet they cause discomfort. Well, to help others is a must and I do agree that sometimes things aren’t the way they look at the first glance. K.

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