My Week-End In Photos

Friday I had my brain scan at Addenbrookes, there was quite a bit of waiting around and I was given an injection of dye that I wasn’t expecting. Apparently it highlights abnormalities and growths etc so they show clearer on the MRI images.
Poor nurse couldn’t find a decent vein and ended up fetching a doctor, I ended up with 3 purple gauze patches and bruises waiting to come out on both arms. All for a good cause though! Results 15th October.
This sight amused me as I was waiting for my lift home. The wheelchairs are all stacked up like shopping trolleys and you need a £1 deposit. I was wobbly but not *that* wobbly thankfully 🙂
I wasn’t up to my usual Saturday morning drive to the farmers market. In fact I woke up with numb hands and feet again. I thinks that’s the symptom I hate the most, the one that makes me feel most useless and the one that sets off the tingle of fear for what the future may hold. 
But, also, it’s the most infrequent symptom and by 10am I was up with breakfast.
After lunch my brother came over with my Mum and we had a couple of hours at a village fair. The usual unfeasibly large vegetables were on show plus various crafty bits and pieces relating to this year’s theme: 
50 years of The Beatles. 

There were majorette displays, a youth choir, even ferret racing, plus car boot stalls, tombolas, rides and vintage vehicles.
I didn’t catch this lady’s name but she was doing some painting; not bad either. I’d seen her hat early on from a distance and thought Johnny Depp was in attendance! 
And, this chap is called Graham Buxton and he was performing Beatles songs at regular intervals. 

He had a really good singing voice too. It was also a big reminder that proper gigs are out at the moment for me. With just his acoustic guitar, one speaker and a big space between us it was plenty loud enough for my now-so-sensitive ears. A shame; I do miss live music.
The weather was beautiful though and we finished our afternoon with candy floss 🙂

Sunday was meant to be a gardening day but I woke up poorly so it was mostly a catching up on blogs and tv from the comfort of the sofa day…including The IT Crowd final episode which reminded me that in the early days of the blog I had this in my sidebar!
thank you for visiting 🙂


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