National Poetry Day and…

…my 500th blog post!
I’ve done a little double limerick to mark both occasions:

It’s National Poetry Day,
And I love a bit of word play;
Whether about geocaching,
Or a cake being smashing;
I can always find something to say!

So, 500 posts on my blog,
As writer, reviewer, and tog.
For over 2 years,
I’ve been bending your ears, >
About one girl & her dog!

‘Two’s Company’
by Doug Hyde
(Also linked to #Prose4T and #PoCoLo at VeViVos)
Prose for Thought
Post Comment Love

Some days it feels like I’ve been doing this much longer, other days not long at all, especially as I’ve only recently been brave enough to connect with other people in the blogosphere by joining in with CosmicGirlie’s Silent Sunday, The Gallery at Sticky Fingers, #PoCoLo at VeViVos etc., plus the recent Love All Blogs Social Sundays which have helped me feel much less lonely on Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest.

I was doing OK on Twitter but it’s nice to have a group of people there that don’t roll their eyes every time they see #blog 😉 I’ve found the support very valuable recently and have got over my paranoia that mummybloggers won’t give me the time of day because I’m not a mummy!
Who knew, mummies are people too?! Yay 🙂
Huge cyberhugs and real thanks to followers old and new; this is a busy week requiring a blog every day but once Foto Friday is done tomorrow, things will be less hectic.
Welcome to the rest of Lisa’s Life 🙂 xox
thank you for visiting 🙂
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