Perfect 10

Stella has a birthday,
today we celebrate;
Her tail so very waggy,
on this auspicious date.
I brought her home from Essex,
she was just 10 months old.
The time has flown by quickly,
 now Stella’s 10 years old.
Her coat still black and shiny,
with a slight wave and curl.
She is my four-pawed best friend;
She is my brown-eyed girl.
The years have made her braver,
her bark is now quite bold.
But still behind my legs she hides,
though Stella’s 10 years old.
So loving and so loyal,
keeps the burglars at bay.
Her favourite ball is yellow,
she’d play with that all day!
The weather may be cooler,
walkies may be cold;
But we don’t walk as far now,
that Stella’s 10 years old.
The days are getting shorter,
walkies start with fog.
Now we’re snuggled on the sofa,
one girl and her dog.
Human – canine friendship,
greatest story ever told;
Happy birthday baby,
my Stella’s 10 years old.

Of course there were presents! Such a spoilt girl.



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