Woof Wednesday: Scruffy? Not Me!

When the humans at Scruffy Chops asked for volunteers to review their shampoos & conditioners for dogs, Mum was rather quick to put my paw up. Doesn’t she realise that I only roll in stinky stuff to enhance my natural Labrador aroma, I don’t need her lathering me in foamy wet stuff to detract from it thank you very much!
But, when our postman, (who, by the way, is not even the tiniest bit scared of my ferocious barking; it’s almost pointless doing it but I can’t help myself!) knocked on the door with my parcel I have to admit to being a little bit excited. You know when you wag your tail and your whole body wiggles? That excited!
Mostly because I presumed it would be an edible birthday present. Alas it wasn’t. But, apparently because it was nearly my birthday that was the perfect excuse the try the new products out. 
I faithfully obliged on Sunday morning by finding something suitably dirty & smelly and Mum couldn’t get me indoors and get the shampoo open quick enough!
We were sent the rhubarb version and even Mum thought it smelled good enough to eat! I tried to help her get into the bottle but got told not to be silly it was for my outside not my inside! Spoilsport.
First she wet my fur and then massaged in a little of the shampoo, did I mention how tasty it smelt? She was so worried I was going to lick it all off that she rinsed me off quicker than recommended but it still did the job. Then was the posh bit. Conditioner. For dogs! Well, if that ain’t the latest! 
Mum said it felt a little like a mud thing she puts on her face (yes, her face. & I get in trouble for muddy paws, at least you’re supposed to walk on it! Humans are weird) and applied it to me. It felt ever so nice when she was rubbing it in. She knew it felt nice because I didn’t make a run for the door like I usually do when it’s bath-time!
When it was rinsed again I got a cuddle in a warm towel (I like that bit) and then I was allowed in the garden again as it was sunny. When I came back in and was still clean I got an extra biscuit! I love my mum 🙂
Stella’s right, this stuff smells amazing! I was most impressed that she didn’t pull away from me as that meant it was obviously not irritating her sensitive skin at all. I wanted to try it as I’ve been making her diet as natural as conveniently possible and was pleased to carry this through to her grooming.
The packaging is lovely and easy to use too. Brilliant.
Scruffy Chops sent us some Rhubarking Mad shampoo & Muddy Marvellous conditioner for the purpose of this review but opinions are our own.
thank you for visiting 🙂
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