Currys PC World Blogger Gift Guide Challenge

I’m not normally one to get involved with these blogger challenges but who doesn’t love a chance to window shop for fabulous festive gifts?! 
Curry’s have put together a brilliant Christmas Gift Guide and it’s, in a word, browsetastic (OK that may be a made up word but it’s descriptive and accurate!) 
The challenge, if you can call it that, is for me to share my list of must-have items for Christmas 2013 and tell you why I’ve chosen those items.
The hard part was  deciding whether to hypothetically spoil myself or spoil everyone and in the end I went with a one for me, one for Dad, one for me, one for Mum, one for me, one for brother, and one for me, one for sister-in-law sort of idea which seems jolly fair.

The first section I was drawn to was Photography and though of course my eye lingered on the gorgeous purple Samsung compact, as we’re talking wish lists I’d have to say that I’d upgrade my Nikon DSLR.

This one would be very welcome if you’re reading this Santa!

Now to choose something for my darling Daddy, aka the hardest man in the world to buy presents for!

I’ve seen him coveting the touch-screen on my iphone but I’ve also seen him drop and break a fair few cameras so I thought something a bit bigger and less expensive would be a good compromise for him. This would be a better size screen for him to check his e-mails on the go and also with a 5mp camera it’s useful too.
Ooh, time to pick the next little something for me!

Even though I’ve been doing more baking I still don’t have a food processor so this would be a lovely addition to the kitchen.

Something for Mum now, every year she says she doesn’t want anything else to dust so better look for something practical to fit the bill hadn’t I?!

I spotted this cool TV with a built-in DVD which I think would look great in her new kitchen.
She could happily catch up with her soaps, or teatime game shows, or actually watch the DVD film I bought her last christmas with ease.

Next on my list would be these cute headphones…

With my inner ear problems I’m nervous of earphones but most headphones look huge and DJish. These are a great combination of earphones and ear muffs, I love them!

The men in the family are notoriously difficult to buy for so choosing for my little brother wasn’t going to be an easy task either.

However, he is the best little brother in the world ever so deserves what I consider the best gift in the Currys gift guide!

The all-in-one PC looks amazing…in fact…it looks so amazing I should’ve put it on my own list!

Now my sister-in-law, like me, is very easy to buy for. We both love everything, especially if it’s a bargain, so this is a real treat, choosing fantasy gifts for us all.

She’d probably love just about anything on The Foodie page but this wine cabinet caught my eye as she is fond of a drop of plonk or two. They host a fair few parties through the year too.

A final browse for me and, as usual,  I find myself focusing on purple, in this case the purple kitchen accessories! I did get cheap purple things in the January sales but the Morphy Richards range looks fabulous.

Yes please, Santa x

If you’re planning on doing some Christmas gift shopping this weekend, I recommend a browse through the Currys Gift Guide, there really are ideas for everyone.

Why not have a gander at their Gadget Gift List, it’s a fun read and useful too.


This isn’t a sponsored post, my only incentive is entry into a draw to win a prize. All opinions and wishes are my own.

thank you for visiting 🙂