More Fun With George

It’s been most of the year since I got the Lego: Life Of George box out but clearing out some photos on my  ‘phone ready for Christmas I found an old screenshot I’d taken of some festive designs:
Happy to say it’s still good fun to play; especially if you remember to have the game board round the right way for the app to work! 

I copied a few more of these designs…

& then I made a pretty Christmas tree of my own!
I’m nowhere near quick enough to take part in the competitive side of Life Of George, but it is entertaining to get him out of box now and again. I’m such a big kid!  
Speaking of which, yesterday’s Silent Sunday subject was mine all mine too!! 
as is this:
I don’t have many sets that are themed but I do like the Winter Village items. but, because I’m a grown-up, no-one buys me Lego for Christmas anymore, though, it is flipping expensive these days isn’t it?!
Anyway I’d like to wish all big kids and small a very happy Christmas and I hope you all get a little Lego in your stockings. (Not literally, that’s really painful!)
thank you for visiting 🙂

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