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Haven’t joined in with The Gallery at The Sticky Fingers Blog for a while and wasn’t overly expecting to this week when I saw the theme was ‘Guilty Pleasures’…but…then the Digital Photography School e-mail arrived with the Weekly Challenge theme…’Winter Sports.’

You’d be forgiven for not seeing the connection; I’m not necessarily a fan of Summer sports, let alone Winter ones!

Unless it involves the box of Winter Lego that is!

#DPS winter sports

But why is Lego a guilty pleasure?

Because, as I mentioned the other day, I’m a nearing middle-aged grown-up divorced woman with no children so if I’m not collecting cats I should be collecting knitting patterns!*

*other ladies-living-on-their-own clichés are available!

winter sports aerial

But, no, dear reader, I am indeed a big kid and Lego is fun for all ages 😀 Especially now it’s so much more clever and intricate than my childhood sets.


I maybe had a little too much fun, apart from the dropping little bits on the floor and finding them in bare feet, that’s always a swear-fest, but, it took my mind off yesterday’s disappointing hospital visit and therefore can only be a good thing 🙂

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwinter sports photographer







So, we have skaters, skiers, and even a photographer…

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  1. Lego will never be a guilty pleasure in my book. Loving your work here, must try harder, my constructions are always so predictable and wonky. #pocolo

  2. Oh Lego is for deffo my guilty Pleasure… Im a eighties child and the Lego was utter rubbish!!!! you had just squares, so rounded bits or fancy sets like you get now!. My children are huge Lego collector fans, but hate building it.. I sometimes make out like I detest having to build and play with all that fab lego, but really I love it 🙂 #PoCoLo

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