Word Of The Week: 1st March 2014

purple wotw 01 march 2014 LL

Firstly, March?! March?! How can it be March already?!

There’s been a lot of purple in my life this week (more than usual!)…It was my birthday on Monday so I received some purple cards, some purple gifts and some purple flowers. I can’t help thinking it’s no coincidence that my birthstone is amethyst!

You may have noticed a few more tweaks to the new blog design as I’ve been discovering colour hexes in a bid to make the pink bits more purple; I also received something purple to review here later in the week.

The damp days equal more vertigo for me so I’ve been using my purple walking stick and staying longer in my purple pyjamas; they also equal still cool evenings so Stella and I have had our post-work snuggles with the purple slanket 🙂

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    1. Rude! 😉 I’m liking my new weekend blog routine of Word Of The Week followed by Silent Sunday 🙂 x

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