Royal VKB Special Spoons review

Not heard of Special Spoons? Me either. Nor was I familiar with the company that makes them, Royal VKB, even though they’ve been around since 2005.

But, when I was offered a chance to review* these…I had to find out more!

fuchsia special spoons

Officially, they’re “fuchsia” but they looked close enough to purple for me to want to get my hands on some!

For you non-purple people they do come in a range of colours and currently retail at £9.95 a set from – you’ll find lots of other goodies there too!

95percent screenshot

Back to the job in hand…

“RoyalVKB was established in 2005 with the aim of creating something original and unique in a field that had been stagnant for centuries. Over the last few years, RoyalVKB has showcased its sensibility towards how people actually live and deal with everyday situations. It combines innovation, Dutch design and lifestyle to create products that meet the everyday needs of their customers. As society’s pattern changes, and we find ourselves with less living space then our demand for unique and innovative products will grow. The company creates high quality, thoughtful kitchen accessories designed to help us live a little better.”

But do I like them? Yes I do.

‘Special Spoons’ were, in times gone by, a part of every cutlery canteen though nowadays they are almost forgotten.

special spoons x 3 LL

I don’t know about you but I’m often to be found using the wrong end of a teaspoon to get into nooks and crannies of jars or using my cake forks to impale pickles!

Here you get 5 ever-so-useful little implements for just those little jobs.

They are made from high quality plastic making them dishwasher safe and include:

Spicy Spoon, Pickle Fork, Olive Spoon, Toast Spreader, and Jam Spoon.

special spoons screenshot

Getting them out of the packaging is a little like assembling parts for a model kit but it is a fun design feature and I think these would make a terrific inexpensive house-warming or wedding gift. Quirky but practical…what’s not to love?!









So far I’ve used the Olive Spoon for pickled onions, the Toast Spreader for my crispbread (brilliant as I’m often too heavy-handed with a knife and break it before I bite it!) and the Jam Spoon, for, erm, jam!









The Pickle Fork will soon be going to work on baby beetroot and no doubt the Spicy Spoon will help accomplish full use of the mayonnaise.

I would think these were great even if I hadn’t received the purple fuchsia ones, I don’t know anyone that wouldn’t find these a brilliant addition to the kitchen cutlery drawer.

* I was sent a set of Special Spoons for the purpose of this blog post. All opinions are my own.

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