And They Were All Yellow

daff 10 x 15 LL

My mum likes yellow flowers,

They don’t do much for me;

Though I do like the warm sunshine,

That sets their blossoms free.

Aconites 10 x 15 LL

Aconites, in her garden,

Grow beneath my feet;

Some days they seem to spread like weeds,

But I suppose they are quite sweet.

mini daffs 10 x 15 LL

As for all the daffodils,

She loves them one and all.

The big ones and the small ones,

The short ones and the tall.

yellow crocus 1 10 x 15 LL

She’s never grown sunflowers,

Or roses in this hue;

Primrose? Polyanthus?

Maybe, just a few!

sunshine rb LL

Gerberas and Tulips,

Are all you’ll find with me;

But visit my mum’s garden,

And lots of yellow you will see.

Easter tulip yellow LL

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    1. When I saw the theme was yellow last week, I didn’t really have a clue…but then all the daffodils bloomed! πŸ™‚

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