Woof Wednesday: Stella, Haatchi & Little B

Firstly, Stella would like to thank everyone that sent well wishes to her on the various social networks this week. The vet thinks her lumpectomies went well on Monday though we’re waiting for histology on 2 of those lumps. She has stitches & shaved bits but, after the initial misery, is now coping well wearing her padded collar.

62 Unamused of Cambridgeshire

First post-op check-up later this morning and all stitches should come out next Thursday.

Of course, due to this and my own ill-health, I’m missing Crufts this year. If you’re going have a great show. For me it’s all about the shopping and the socialising and I’ll be sad not to see familiar faces…apparently my featured stars today are doing a book signing there at the weekend too.


Like several of you my strongest memory of Haatchi & Little B was watching them win the Friends For Life award at Crufts last year with tears streaming down my face.

I’d vaguely followed their story with other dog-loving friends on Facebook and Twitter but watching them on screen together, and their incredible bond, secured my telephone vote.

And, now, they’re famous enough to have a book out!

Haatchi & Little B book cover

If you’re not aware of their story here’s a brief synopsis from Transworld Books:

“On a bitterly cold night in January 2012, Haatchi the dog was hit over the head, and abandoned on a railway line to be hit by a train. The driver saw the adorable five-month old Anatolian Shepherd moments too late. Somehow, the terrified puppy survived the blood loss from his partially severed leg and tail and managed to crawl away to safety.
Fortunately, Haatchi was rescued, although vets couldn’t save his leg and tail. A Facebook appeal brought him to the attention of a couple of kind-hearted dog lovers, Colleen Drummond and Will Howkins, who are also the dad and stepmum of Owen (known to his family as Little B for ‘little buddy’). One look at Haatchi’s expressive face told them all they needed to know and the lucky dog moved into the Howkins’ family home just six weeks after almost being killed.
Owen, now aged eight, has a rare genetic disorder which causes his muscles to tense permanently. Largely confined to a wheelchair, he was withdrawn and anxious and found it difficult to make friends. But when Owen awoke the morning after Haatchi arrived he immediately fell in love with the severely disabled rescue animal who would, in turn, rescue him”

“Haatchi and Little B was published by Bantam Press on 13th February priced £12.99”

Haatchi & Little B may not be local to me but while researching for this book I found what a small world it really is with a couple of East Anglian connections. The author of the book, Wendy Holden, lives in Suffolk (I lived in Suffolk for 17 years before returning to Cambridgeshire) and Haatchi’s rehoming was with the help of the lady behind Driver Hire Fenland, Sue Crilly, in the town of my birth, Wisbech!

You can buy the book direct from Transworld or, of course, from Amazon…

…but, I have also been allowed to offer a couple of these to giveaway to 2 of you lucky readers.

Just leave me a comment with the name of your favourite dog be it famous, domestic, or even cartoon and my brand new ‘Pick Giveaway’ plug-in will randomly select the winners next Thursday, 13th March.

I will notify winners on Friday and when I have your details I will pass them on to the London office of Transworld who will send your prize direct.

UK only I’m afraid.

Good luck! 🙂

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  1. My favourite dog is very difficult, as I was sure I knew which of mine it would be, but my heart will always be with my very first. He was a rescue Otterhound with a gentle soul and we learned how to cope together. He reinforced my love of dogs forever.

  2. My favourite dog would have to be our family black labrador Meg,she’ll be 13 next month.She too has lots of lumps but my Mum(who she lives with)and the vet have decided they’re best left alone.I hope Stella is feeling better and her stitches removal goes well today.
    I saw and read about Owen and Haatchi recently and it had me in tears but it’s got such a happy ending 🙂
    My favourite dogs that I really want to meet are the gorgeous and crazy Betty and Pete and their lovely owner Michelle who shared this giveaway 🙂

  3. Oh poor Stella – I am so sorry, I didn’t realise she had had an op. I hope she gets well soon. With regards to Crufts – one of Grace’s school friends Aunties won Scrufts on Friday with her dog who was a rescue dog! Not sure if you know which one? Thanks for linking to PoCoLo x

    1. Thanks Vic, she has her stitches out on Thursday, we can’t wait!!

      Sarah with Wylie the War Dog? A lovely story…I do like a happy ending! X

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