Word Of The Week: 8th March 2014



A little dog-dominated this week…with a mixture of negative and positive thoughts.

Negative: Stella needed a multiple lumpectomy on Monday. She’s had these before but, at 10 years old, concerns are higher. She had 5 removed but only 2 of those were worrying the vet enough to send off for further analysis. Still waiting for those results.

Positive: The actual operation went really well and, though she’s grumpy at not being allowed to scratch her itchy stitches, the healing process is coming along well.

Negative: This week I would normally be going to Crufts. Due to my own ill-health I had to accept it wasn’t possible this year. With Stella’s, doubly so. I’m missing meeting up with fellow doggy friends & tweeters, the bargain shopping, the book signings, the celebrity spotting, the thousands of puppies…

Positive: I’m not missing the traffic jams, the crowds, the aching feet and the empty purse! In other news, one of the book signings would have been Haatchi & Owen that were superstars of Crufts Friends For Life last year…their publisher has kindly let me give away a couple of copies of their story this week. Pop back to Woof Wednesday to be in the draw 🙂

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  1. A mixed dog week for you and Stella then. I’m glad the op went well and she’s recovering nicely, and hope those results are clear, too. Shame about Crufts – we’ve been a few time times, and don’t have the traffic jams as we live really near b and go a sneaky way! Hope you both have a better week next week, and thanks for sharing with #WotW x

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