Word Of The Week: 5th April 2014

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After the organisational triumph of last week, this week was a little different!

I had an appointment with my GP midweek to discuss the neurologist’s findings at Addenbrookes Hospital and also voice my concerns that the prescription I have for Amitriptyline is really only working as a sedative instead of a migraine/vertigo preventative.

On Tuesday evening I was really pleased I’d made the appointment in advance as when I got in from work I was hit with the worst dizzies in a while. I was also pleased I’d been sent a blood pressure monitor to review a while back as I could get a reading…it told me that my blood pressure was low but my heart rate was high. I told this to the doctor and he explained that your blood pressure drops to compensate for the high heart rate so though I felt my body was failing me, it was in fact just doing its job!

Anyway, he had heard from the hospital and the thoughts were it was probably migraine-related and the preventative is the best way forward as the only noticeable trigger is weather changes which I have no control over. He advised me to persevere and the excessive drowsiness should pass. Meanwhile I’ve also been referred for vestibular physiotherapy but, although my case was marked urgent, there’s still likely to be 2 month wait.

At work it’s the end of the month and the start of a new tax year, My mum is responsible for payroll but computer-illiterate so I help with the technical bit. All tax codes have changed but no notifications have arrived at the office or on the online HMRC so I called them. I think just on Thursday I spent almost 4 hours in hold to various people there trying to get it sorted. 5 minutes before 5pm a fax arrived so that figures can be correct this year. Stella was starting to fret that we weren’t going to get away on time to go to her favourite pet shop (they have a loyalty points scheme and it’s double points on a Thursday afternoon!) so she was pacing the floor with frustration too! Quite how she knows what day it is or time it is I have no idea but she does a very convincing act if she doesn’t 😉

Why the Venice background you may be wondering? Well, almost 10 years ago I visited the beautiful city a couple of times and among other souvenirs I bought myself a gorgeous Murano glass hair barette…this week I dropped it and smashed it. Gutted. I can’t even see one similar online to replace it. I don’t know what upset me more…that my illness has made me clumsy or my illness has meant I’ve given up my passport and won’t be going anywhere, let alone Venice, anytime soon!

Hope all your weeks have been good, to see how others are summing up theirs in one word please visit The Reading Residence 🙂

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  1. Oh, Lisa, a very frustrating and tough week. A 2 month wait doesn’t sound ‘urgent’ to me – I really hope it comes through sooner than that. And your Murano glass – so upsetting. I love Venice, too, and hope to go back some day. We will get there one day x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

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