Word Of The Week: 12th April 2013


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Technology has been both a blessing and a curse this week!

Home geekery has been brilliant at letting me keep up with the Ultimate Blog Challenge this month so far when my body hasn’t been 100% behind it.

At work though…my Windows XP pc decided to die hours before Microsoft support ceased…at one point I hid behind my hands as it made gurgling crunching noises trying to function and, possibly said a prayer of thanks as I watched the anti-virus software deflect attack after attack. The air would’ve been a fair shade bluer had my mum not been in the office with me, though, her exclamations of “is it supposed to be doing that?!” were less than helpful!

I had made a note of April 8th but maybe naively didn’t dream it wouldn’t see out the month. So, we’re just starting a new tax year, approaching the end of our financial year, I’m constantly playing catch-up thanks to lost migraine/vertigo hours and my faithful work horse starts blowing raspberries at me!

I collected the replacement PC on Wednesday morning but, having just doubled my dose of medication under doctors orders, wasn’t up to setting it up until Thursday. One of the business chaps at PC World had warned me that my Sage accounting programme may be temperamental with Windows 8 and he wasn’t wrong!

Almost everything else transferred fine on to the new box but Sage are sending me out an upgrade and have given me the techno helpline ‘phone number!

Really could do without such a learning curve this month but I expect I’ll grow to love it.

Any tips will be gratefully received 🙂

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  1. There is no reason Sage should be ‘temperamental’ with Windows 8. Win8 has been out for a while now, they should have fixed any bug in Sage by now – don’t take their excuses!

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