Word Of The Week: 19th April 2014

Once again I’m joining in with The Reading Residence Word Of The Week linky, and this week my word is ‘sunshine.’

Lisas-Life.com Word Of The Week Sunshine

This week has seen some really beautiful weather but the sun gives me terrible headaches and I’m afraid I’ve avoided a lot of it!

It is so nice not having to towel-dry Stella’s paws every single time she or we have stepped outside though, I’ll be very happy for the rain to stay away 🙂

Another bonus is that, with an abundance of natural light, photographs look nicer too, and though it’s traditionally a photography no-no, you can get some nice effects with the rays of sunshine too. I think so anyway, and one such example may just appear here tomorrow.

In the meantime, see how others are summing up their weeks over at The Reading Residence

The Reading Residence
What would your word of the week be?
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    1. No it’s just a weekly linky that a few of us join in with to sum up our week in a word. Some weeks it’s hard to use just one word! Thank you for visiting 🙂

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