Easter Sunday: 20th April 2014

Among the Easter celebrations today, Lisa’s Life is 3 years old!

I’ll write more about my blogging journey tomorrow…but spare a thought for the dairy intolerants amongst us while you over-indulge on crème eggs won’t you?! 😉

My Sunday photo is St Mary’s Church, Swaffham Bulbeck. Some of you may recognise it from my Blipfoto journal earlier this week as being the church hosting a knitted version of The Last Supper.

Lisas-Life.com last supper Easter 2014

Lisas-Life.com St Marys Easter

As it’s still April and therefore still National Poetry Month and I’m still participating in the
Ultimate Blog Challenge, a limerick seemed inappropriate so I’ve done an acrostic instead.

                                            Easter is here.
                                            All family near.
                                            Sharing the day.
                                            The traditional way.
                                            Easter is now.
                                            Resurrection. Wow.


Happy Easter all 🙂 xox


  1. Happy Blogiversary! And of course Happy Easter.

    Although I myself am not religious, I am very intrigued by religion, holidays and especially churches.
    Lovely photo.

    Hope you have had a nice day x

  2. Lovely!

    I teach English, but I’m not much of a poet. Perhaps one year, I’ll add write a short poem each day in April to my list. I’m sure it’s fun, and it would certainly improve my skills, right?

    Happy Easter to you and yours.

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