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Spring cleaning season is an ideal time for sorting and giving unwanted clothes for charity and unless you’re from the planet Zarg you have probably noticed donation bags coming through your letterbox from time to time.

Like buses, when you’re having a clear out none appear and when you’re not, 3 arrive at once!

But, you’re never 100% sure that your donations are ending up where they should or that the charity you think you’re supporting is receiving its much needed funds unless you take it to the charity shop yourself.

I’m afraid it was Twitter again but I heard about a new (to me) scheme in which you log onto Clothes For Charity and order a donation┬ásack whilst also nominating the charity you would like to receive the funding. I’ve just done this and chose Hearing Dogs For Deaf People but there are loads to choose from and you can choose by area too if you want a local cause to benefit.

clothes for charity screenshot

A point to note though is that the bag is HUGE, as the minimum donation is 15kg, but, you let them know when it’s full and a courier is organised to collect when it suits you. It’s so easy to organise and you get an e-mail when the sack has been received too.



Good eh?!

* This isn’t a sponsored post, I just thought it was a flipping brilliant idea!





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