That Was Easter?!

Easter is nowhere near as fun as it used to be before I was dairy intolerant. No more taking advantage of the 3 chocolate eggs for a pound offers, no more Easter Monday bargains, and, worst of all, no more crème eggs (my absolute favourite!)

I refuse to pay the always over-inflated prices in the free from ranges at this time of year and made do with normal dark chocolate while I watched the King Of Kings film on TV.

Aside from that, my long weekend was pretty taken up with garden shenanigans when my dad decided this was the perfect time to trim my hedge. We spoke about it on Thursday afternoon and he said he would like to cut a foot off the height of it to make it more manageable. I said, that’s fine but I can always get someone in to do it. But, no, it’s one of his things to oversee the upkeep of his grown-up children’s homes and gardens and so we just let him get on with it.

8am on Good Friday I was woken by the ‘phone, Dad was on his way.
So much for a bank holiday lie-in!

He double-checked it was ok to reduce the height and I said yes of course and put the kettle on.
By the time I’d gone out to him with a coffee, my lovely tall privacy hedge was 3 foot shorter at one end!

“Ooh it’s wider than I thought too so I’ve sawed down this far to see what I can do with it, these Leylandii grow like billy-o if you let ’em. Horrible things.”

There then followed detailed discussions on the pros and cons of keeping it or getting rid “if I had a tractor here I’d pull the whole lot out, awful stuff!” I reminded him I like having a proper boundary at the front of the property for various reasons:

I’m on a main road which now has a school on it so not only is the passing traffic increasingly noisy but the amount of people walking by is now more noticeable. I know that the pavement is public but Stella doesn’t seem to grasp this fact and would sit at the gate barking at everyone day and night if I let her!

There’s a bus stop at the end of my driveway. Of course I knew this when I moved in and as time goes on it may well be a useful commodity if I can’t drive. People already use one of my borders as a rubbish bin and discard bottles, cans, crisp & fag packets in the hedge, I can only think if it wasn’t there, the mess would be even worse.

I’m a private person. Always have been. I like that extra piece of protection from the big bad world!

His next idea was to leave the greenery on the road side and cut my side back to get rid of a lot of dead wood. I said OK that seemed like a good compromise and would give me more time to decide what to do longer-term.

When I next looked out, he’d done this:


“I decided it will be better it I cut it right back and leave you fenceposts…”

By 5pm it looked like this:


On Saturday I went to the garden centre:


On Sunday I did a lot of digging and on Monday morning I did more shopping.

Now it looks like this:


As you can see, there’s quite a way to go while I impatiently wait for the new shrubs to grow…I dabbled with the idea of some of that Willow screening stuff but at £50 each piece I decided against it and prayed for sun and rain instead!

This weekend, breaks in the weather and vestibular migraines permitting, I’ll be filling in my side with lavenders and heathers in the hope that bees and butterflies will be a welcome distraction from the world outside 🙂 garden collage Easter 2014

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  1. Oh dear! There’s nothing like a “helpful” parent, is there? Maybe you’ll like your new view better once it grows and it will be a case of “all’s well that ends well”. Meanwhile I hope the bus stop users are more respectful of your new shrubs than they were of the old trees.

  2. I don’t know what to say… It could be a funny story, but as I’m also a very private person.. hmm… I don’t know how I’d punish my dad… 🙂 Lets hope your plants are super growers! Give my love to Stella. K. xxx

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