The Prompt: I Should Be So Lucky

Sara from Mum Turned Mom gave bloggers a new prompt for this week and it was a quote: lucky Calvin & Hobbes quote

Calvin: You know, Hobbes,
some days even my lucky rocket ship underpants don’t help.
-Bill Watterson, Calvin and Hobbes

 First of all I should admit that though I’d heard the names Calvin and Hobbes I had no idea who or what they were except that maybe it was a cartoon! Thank heavens for Google!

I suspected I was going to find a boy and his dog or a boy and his cat but it turned out I found a boy and his stuffed tiger…genius!

You can even buy The Complete Calvin & Hobbes. Who knew? Not me!

But, anyway, I’m going slightly off-topic now as I wanted to write about luck.

 Maybe it’s because I don’t own a pair of rocket ship underpants but, a lot of days it feels as though luck really isn’t on my side.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m always on the right side of “there’s always someone else worse off”, but, I’m not one of those people you could ever refer to as born lucky!

For instance, today at work, a friend wandered over and asked how my ailments were…
I told her I was a bit better but still waiting for my “urgent” hospital appointment…within a few minutes a customer was telling us about a family member being diagnosed with cancer.
Certainly puts things in perspective.

So, yes I’m unlucky that most days I feel tired and poorly but, I’m lucky it’s nothing more serious.

I have a roof over my head but only Stella to share it with…I love our home but can’t help wondering if it wouldn’t feel more like home if my disastrous marriage or subsequent relationships had worked out for the best.

I earn a living…with the family business which means more pros than cons but I can’t help wondering if I hadn’t been bullied and overwhelmed with anxiety at school I couldn’t have carved out a career doing something I love instead of boring numbers. Some would say that’s down to me being weak rather than unlucky I suppose!

I am lucky in that this blog is finally starting to garner interest and I’m offered products for review and an occasional sponsored post…this means I can have some dealings with HMRC with earnings (though tiny) from words and pictures which is what I would have wished for if things had been different. Having said that it’s also quite down to luck whether you ever get to speak to the right person at HMRC or spend less than an hour in hold waiting on the ‘phone for them!

Do you feel lucky? Well…do you?!


So, probably influenced by reading Sara’s prompt on Sunday I’ve spent a lot of this week pondering luck. Good luck; bad luck; even make your own luck! #wotw luck
I hear people saying “ooh haven’t we been lucky with the weather?” and “I’ve got an interview, wish me luck,” and “it must be my lucky day…”
lots of people say it but do they believe it?
I do believe in luck and fate but maybe it’s a girl thing as the boys in the family don’t. Do you?
It only seems fair that luck is my word of the week…what would yours be?
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  1. Calvin and Hobbes have the best views on life and are always guaranteed to make you smile, whatever kind of day you’re having. As for luck … it’s like a magnet. We attract to ourselves what we think of most, so think of having good luck and that’s what’ll appear. Lovely to find you this weekend!

  2. Everything is relative and luck depends on the category in discussion! It doesn’t mean your concerns are any less valid. LOVE Calvin and Hobbes, great perspective on life 🙂

  3. I didn’t know who they were!

    When I think about luck, I think I am lucky to be here. I have lost some friends, who have sadly passed away. So every day I remind myself how lucky I am to be alive and making the most of the life I have xx

    1. That’s true. I’ve said it before on the blog somewhere about a lot of days I wake up feeling sad or poorly or tired but at least I wake up and am feeling. That’s a blessing in itself. It’s awful losing people before their time isn’t it? x

  4. I loved your post!

    I definitely believe in luck, probably in a strange way. I often feel worried and uncomfortable when things are going right and I’m happy. I always expect the rug to be pulled from underneath me! I look at other people who seem more ‘lucky’ than me and I wonder if they feel the same, or if they just enjoy the moment. I do believe a lot of what appears to be luck is down to hard work, but hard work doesn’t always pay off so I believe a pinch of good luck is always necessary.

    1. I too am familiar with the “this seems too good to be true” feeling…a joy to be proved wrong though! 🙂

  5. Calvin & Hobbes is my all time fave character. Funny & poignant.

    I feel too that luck is not on my side a lot of times. I know people might be experiencing worse but there are also people who has got things that I want at their disposal and so much more. I dont know where I am heading with his but… I just wish I am luckier. Only I am not =P #WOTW

  6. Great post! Luck is a very odd concept and I think a lot of how lucky you are is down to perception and need.
    Grr @ HMRC. I’ve been having issues with them too, so that’s less luck, more bad HMRC. Hope you’re sorted now. X

    1. They are a flipping nightmare. I have to deal with them in my proper job too…the H in HMRC could never be mistaken for Helpful! X

  7. It looks like we all gave our grey matter some exercise with this weeks prompt! I’m not sure I would say your choices in life are down to luck, maybe those relationships just weren’t meant to be because the love of your life is just around the corner and you weren’t ready for it before. Maybe I’m just a soppy old romantic but I believe things happen for a reason.

  8. This prompt has really made me consider where I stand on the whole luck thing. I really think that positive attitudes to life make for a person who *feels* lucky and that events can seem serendipitous but luck is a human construct and its human nature to read into events and assign a meaning be it luck, coincidence or chance. #ThePrompt

    1. The attitude thing is true…my dad’s an optimist, my mum’s a pessimist and I ended up in the in-between being a realist I think! 🙂

  9. I’d echo much of what Sara has said there, as I believe we make our own luck, but there’s bound to be some things that do just drop lucky, or unlucky, for people, too. I always listen to my gut instincts and go for what I want, and so far, it’s proven ‘lucky’, but surely that’s me going for something? Who knows! Thanks for sharing with #WotW

    1. Some things are hard to explain and I’ve already been told off this week for over analysing things and to just go with the flow…I’d love to make the flow go better! Your gut instincts and enthusiasm are a credit to you 🙂

  10. To a certain extent, I’m a believer that we make our own luck BUT there are so many things over which we have no control, where ‘luck’ has the edge. I do believe that some things are fated, but also that we can help get the outcomes we want through our choices. Luck always suggests to me that we aren’t necessarily in control, and I think I like to have a bit more control over my life! Having said that, sometimes we simply have no choice! Thanks so much for linking to #ThePrompt x

    1. I don’t always like those out of control moments – I guess they make life interesting though! 🙂 Thanks for hosting 🙂 x

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