I Wish I Had More Time

Lisas-Life.com I wish I had more time

  I wish I had more time,
To enjoy the everyday,
Not take things for granted,
But take more time to play.

I wish I had more time,
And life wasn’t so short,
Memories never made,
Fights I should’ve fought.

I wish I had more time,
To walk in the fresh air,
Not be in an office,
Albeit on a swivel chair.

I wish I had more time,
Did not need so much sleep,
Thinking about fun,
Not thinking too deep.

I wish I had more time,
To read my favourite books,
Not pass them piling high,
Just giving longing looks.

I wish I had more time,
More health and, yes, more friends,
But time is passing by,
At a speed that never ends.

Prose for Thought

This week’s Prose 4 Thought poem is inspired by Sara’s ‘I wish I had more time’ prompt.

Please visit Mum Turned Mom and Verily Victoria Vocalises for some great writing 🙂

Do you wish you had more time?



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  1. doesn’t it feel like time goes faster than it used to? Just don’t seem to be able to fit everything in – don’t think I ever did really, but I’m more aware of it now! Lovely poem x

  2. Love this poem. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were 36 hours in a day although I suspect we’d still manage to fill them and wish for more!

  3. Wonderful poem, it would be wonderful to have a few more hours in each day to do things like read more books! I think you’re so right that we shouldn’t take any of it for granted. Thank you so much for linking to #ThePrompt x

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