Motivational Monday: Week Two with MyTeam MyTeam screenshot week 2This week was harder than I thought…it’s amazing how often I actually eat processed carbs when I sit and think about it, but, I only used 2 cheat days so I reckon that’s a good enough average to move onto the next stage.

I ate loads of fresh fruit on Saturday because I knew the evening was going to be rather carb-tastic at a family party so hopefully everything balances out!

I’m not sure what this week entails yet, apart from trying to do 6 out of 7 days with healthy lunches…I am more prepared though and went shopping yesterday morning for meat and fruit and veg and salad. I haven’t had potato since last Tuesday even in the evenings which feels weird – hopefully when I introduce them back to my diet they’ll feel like a treat instead of a necessity. B is for Blueberries
Good job I love the fruits that are good for me 🙂

myteam instagram


blueberries 🙂


I’m expecting an increased exercise regime this week though while the weather’s fine I do lots more walking anyway. Yesterday I’d done over 6000 before teatime so I was pleased with that 🙂

As well as Twitter and Facebook, the MyTeam, erm, team, are on Instagram. Good for occassional health & fitness reminders & inspiration.

myteam instagram

I started calling these posts Motivational Monday but couldn’t remember who was doing the linky, I’ve now found it’s PinkOddy who’s cleverly re-branded it as #healthhop so if you want to pop along and support other bloggers, please feel free to do so, a variety of physical and mental health subjects will be covered there 🙂

Health Hop
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  1. You are doing so well and I shall go look out on instagram now.
    Thank you for mentioning the rebranding – I think it was about time to give it some more love. And I wasn’t fond of the old badge lol.

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