Motivational Monday: Week 3 with MyTeam MyTeam Week 3

I was concerned about upping my game again for Week 3 on the MyTeam regime but I needn’t have worried; I only needed 1 cheat day and that was for exercise on Saturday (I did 3 days but wanted to do more) rather than eating as I’ve managed to stick to my healthy habit all week. MyTeam Week 3

This week I’ve added new exercises, one of which is currently impossible with my dizzies so I added in my alternative but also sought advice from trainer Paul who said I’d chosen a good alternative and offered a few more variations too. Very helpful 🙂

This coming fortnight means a new healthy habit and this time I’ve chosen cutting out drinks with sugar. This means more redbush tea and more flavoured water…I really wish I was one of those people that could drink water plain but I just hate it!

As I said, Saturday turned out to be my designated cheat day again but unfortunately for different reasons to last Saturday’s carby party food.

I think it was the stormy weather but I didn’t have the strength to fight my vestibular migraine that day (if that’s what it is – finally have my ‘urgent’ vestibular physiotherapy assessment on Tuesday!)

That was the only day I was way off target for pedometer steps too so I won’t beat myself up about it 🙂 MyTeam Week 3

Now it’s time to enter week 4. I expect there’ll be another increase in exercise; in any case I’m upping my step target from 5000 per day to 5500. I’m sure for a lot of you fitness freaks this seems awfully slow progress but I can’t stress enough how important it is to take small sustainable steps instead. I’d feel the same I’m sure if it hadn’t been my poor health that led me here, truth is as a chronic migraineur it’s pretty impossible to introduce any drastic changes to diet and routine.

I expect from Tuesday I’ll have proper balance exercises to do as recommended by the physio team at hospital. Hopefully they’ll be better than the ones I copy from Pinterest & Google!

Definitely need more luck this week, Sunday means more measuring has to happen!

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    1. I got myself one of those squashed thingies to keep in my bag because normally if there’s only plain water or fizzy pop I’d have always opted for the fizzy pop, naughty me! 🙂

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