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Last week was a a little disappointing as I didn’t get my longed for weight loss kicked off. This week, despite continuing with the exercise (plus hitting my pedometer steps target 6 days out of 7) and eating healthier, I’m feeling a little better (when the vestibular migraines allow) and feeling fitter, but, the scales still say the same!! So frustrating.

And, yes, I do know that how I feel is way more important than any numbers, but, there’s something psychologically lifting when there’s evidence of positive change 🙂

As I’m feeling better though, I’m definitely carrying on…week 5 is “sleeping for weight loss”, if I can’t manage that I’m really stuffed!

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After receiving customer feedback, the MyTeam team have found that most people prefer the workout advice to nutrition, I like both but that may be because I can’t just throw myself into a hefty exercise regime.

With this in mind they have changed the program for new subscribers and for £5 a month you can have an online personal trainer…as you’ll see MyTeam is still a very new venture, but, the ‘bye bye gym, hello convenience’ tagline is sure to be attractive 🙂

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They’re looking for 20 subscribers to be able to launch these innovative training channels.

I’ve been back and signed up for the beginners yoga when I’ve completed my 12 weeks on the original routine.

I’m well aware that yoga classes are ten-a-penny at gyms and village halls and before I moved I used to attend a brilliant class, but, in my current circumstances, where driving to a class is likely to put the kibosh on me actually participating, something flexible and convenient is perfect for me.

Do you have a regular exercise schedule?

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