Sharp As A Razor: A Razor Red Review

I was recently given the chance of reviewing a great new kitchen gadget, the Razor Red knife sharpener. Maybe I shouldn’t say kitchen, it will sharpen up pretty much any blade, but, the kitchen’s the place it’ll get used the most in the majority of homes I’d have thought.

Amazon got it delivered to me in quick sharp (see what I did there?!) time so I could give it a good workout straight away. Razor Red review Razor Red review

I sharpened a few knives and my kitchen scissors with great success. Partly due to the suction design, meaning a kitchen klutz like myself has both hands free and fingers away from blades! The only time I had a problem was with my normal scissors as I couldn’t seem to get at the sharpener at a good angle with them. There’s probably a trick to it though and it’s totally user, rather than design, error. Razor Red Razor Red Razor Red review

My knife sharpening memories are of my dad wielding something resembling a medieval instrument of torture before carving the roast on a Sunday…the Razor Red is very different and at first glance at its tiny cuteness you’d be forgiven for thinking it can’t do the job…it can. Razor Red review Razor Red review


  I haven’t had a knife sharpener at home so can’t compare, but I will say that the suction cup is one of its best features, and, due to its compact size (6cm) could remain unobtrusively on your worktop or tucked away in a drawer. 

Great little item at a great little price.


*I was sent this item for the purpose of this review but all opinions (and sharp objects!) are my own 🙂

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