Woof Wednesday: Dolly at Glastonbury

Yes it’s still a Woof Wednesday story but browsing t’interweb uncovers all sorts of stories both good and bad. This one started life as a bad news story but will hopefully have a happy ending.

Can’t tell this story though without first commenting on how flipping brilliant Dolly Parton was at Glastonbury last week. She was fabulous, both down-to-earth and a superstar…
not the easiest combination!


Fellow Dolly fans can find the whole set on youtube here by the way 🙂 

Apparently, though goodness knows how, a dog was left behind in a tent at Glastonbury. I can see how you might forget sunglasses or wellies dependant on the weather when you left…or various other consumables…but…forget to take your dog home? I’m sorry to say I very much doubt that it was unintentional and I would very much love to be proved wrong.

The dog was named Dolly after it was found last Tuesday during the big clean-up operation and taken to a nearby re-homing shelter, Happy Landings in Shepton Mallet.

photo from TheGuardian.com
photo from TheGuardian.com

It seems Dolly, the white Lurcher, was in less than good health on being found and has been treated for a serious ear infection. Given her advancing years it just might be that the owners didn’t have insurance or couldn’t afford to get the veterinary treatment needed. But, to abandon her? Just cruel.

A happy ending for the Happy Landings resident looks sure though, as Dolly, the superstar, has offered to take the dog home to the USA if the owner(s) aren’t found soon. I’m sure there’ll be lots more offers to adopt this golden oldie before that happens though! 

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