I’ve Got A Lovely Bunch Of (Cocofina) Coconuts!

When I was asked if I’d like to try some of the Cocofina range I was expecting to be sent a voucher or just one item to review…but, no, rather generously a large parcel arrived full of all sorts of goodies.

Lisas-Life.com Cocofina review

lisas-life.com cocofina

There was a carton of 100% coconut water in there but I’ve put that to one side for the moment, as, having tried an alternative brand, I didn’t really like it. I’m thinking of adding pineapple juice for an alcohol-free pina colada 🙂 

However, I was keen to try the healthy snack bars and the flavoured waters. Plus, a sugar alternative in coconut flower nectar which looks like honey.

I was also sent a couple of brand new macaroon bars that weren’t even on the stock list. I’ll admit, having been a fan of Mrs Crimbles macaroons, that’s the thing I grabbed to taste first. Unlike Mrs Crimble’s though, there’s no chocolate…a shame…still tasty though 🙂

Lisas-Life.com cocofina pre-workout bars

Did some of the MyTeam workout on Sunday so used this as a good excuse to try a pre-workout snack…I chose the coconut and date bar first. My memory of dates is those boxes of them my mum buys every Christmas and I’ve never been a fan. But, this bar was tasty, so tasty you’d never guess it was healthy. So, sorry Mum, I’m keeping the second one too!

I found the taste combination of the coconut and cocoa bar little odd rather than a healthy version of a bounty bar that I was hoping for…still, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad 🙂 

Lisas-life.com cocofina coconut flower nectar

I use honey, and also agave nectar, to sweeten lots of things rather than adding sugar already. In Winter I sweeten my porridge with them and in Summer I drizzle over fresh fruit instead of making a syrup. I don’t know what I was expecting when I undid the jar of coconut flower nectar but I wasn’t expecting it to be even sweeter. Now, I have a very sweet tooth but you need hardly any of this to get an instant sweet kick! The nearest thing I’d compare the flavour to is those barley sugar sweets my mum used to give us on car journeys to distract from the “are we nearly there yet?!” conversations! Lovely 🙂

Then there were the flavoured waters. These are said to be isotonic and a good alternative to the traditional sport drinks. Now I’m able to exercise a little these will be a good way to rehydrate and hopefully have a little more energy. Fairly low calorie too.

Lisas-life.com cocofina drink

Monday walkies with Stella was scorching and the mango & guava flavoured water was beautifully refreshing and rehydrating. I was mostly looking forward to the apple & blackberry version but the coconut flavour was a little too prevalent for my tastebuds.

Info from the Cocofina website:


  • Contains more potassium than bananas and sports drinks
  • Has significantly less sodium than sports and energy drinks
  • 200% less sugars than sports or energy drinks and the sugars it does have are all natural as opposed to processed
  • Is high in chloride, magnesium and other vital minerals our body need to hydrate and re-energize.
  • Helps maintain proper body temperature

For the boozers rather than health freaks among you, coconut water is also a natural hangover remedy

My personal favourites are the date pre-workout bar and the flower nectar 🙂 

I was sent these items for the purpose of this review but if you like the sound of it you can order Cocofina direct from their website and health food/vegan/organic retailers (including Holland & Barrett) are starting to stock some of the range too.

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