Beauty is the lovely prompt from Sara at Mum Turned Mom this week 🙂

There are numerous quotes to be found about beauty and being beautiful but it’s often forgotten that beauty should come from the inside. Some of you are very lucky with your beautiful exteriors but the rest of us have a daily battle with warpaint and hair products to reach society’s idea of good-looking!

While backing-up and tidying my digital photo files this week I came across one of my first ever selfies…I’d joined my first social network in the form of MySpace and, though, I avoided the bathroom backgrounds that a lot of my fellow friends shared, it soon became the norm to snap yourself ready for an occasion and show the world and I still wonder who did the first ever selfie of the modern era if it wasn’t MySpace Tom?! 

For all it's faults at least everybody had one friend on MySpace :)
For all its faults at least everybody had one friend on MySpace 🙂

Still quite newly single and, I presume, trying to prove what himself was missing out on, this became my profile photo:

Lisa's Life Myspace 2006

My best friend was taking me and some other girlfriends to a ball, I had a new frock, actually put on proper make-up and had my hair done.

The insincere compliments flowed but, all I see is that my hair resembled a pineapple, I was uncomfortable in a frock when I was used to jeans & t-shirts, my glasses were wonky and why the heck did I wear pink lipstick?! I’m not a pink lipstick sort of girl. Probably why I was still single the day after I took this! At least I’d learnt to pose so that my nose didn’t show off too many of its concorde similarities! 

Beautiful quote available from

beauty quote from

 I was focused on beauty, or, rather, the opposite, in the vain sense of the word on Sunday and Monday after having yet another dizzy spell just trying to rinse my hair. Sitting at the salon having it done makes me dizzy so it’s grown a bit out of control. I’ve been in the habit of tying it back in plaits and what have you but this hot weather makes me wake up feeling like I’ve got some sort of moist serpent wrapped around my shoulders!

I texted my hairdresser sis-in-law and she came to my work and hacked a few inches off it for me. Felt so much better, and, the next morning, even though it was only psychological no doubt, I thought that I looked so much better. Not in traditional beauty terms but I looked healthier. Right now, that’ll do 🙂

I guess it’s true that how we’re feeling on the inside really does radiate to the outside?

On Woof Wednesday I found myself looking at beautiful photographs; some I had taken, some I had not. All were lovely in my eyes.

Once you look you can see beauty everywhere…you may have noticed that I see it in dogs, flowers, butterflies…pretty much anything purple in colour! Where do you see beauty?

Beauty is also my word of the week to link up with The Reading Residence.

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  1. Beauty definitely comes from the inside. Don’t see anything wrong with the photo at all (although we are very good at being critical of ourselves).
    I see beauty in the kids, my partner, nature… But struggle to see it in myself sometimes.
    Fab post. X

  2. Brilliant post Lisa. I completely agree that beauty comes from the inside first. Personality truly shines through for me and I look for a smile and happy eyes; that is beautiful. In my post I talk about seeing the beauty all around us too; we should all look for it more x Thank you so much for linking to #ThePrompt x

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