The Prompt: Memories Of Summer

A lovely prompt from Sara at MumTurnedMom as lots of you approach the end of school Summer holidays. Some of you will be feeling rested. Some of you will be feeling like you need a holiday now! But, hopefully, all of you will have made some Summer 2014 memories πŸ™‚ Memories Of Summer

I remember the longest day,
Sunshine took our cares away;

Summer was a valid season,
Shorts and vest tops had a reason;

Skies were blue and clouds were white;
So was my skin; quite the fright!

Always busy, no time to tan;
Keeping cool with a battery fan.

Weeks at home away from teasing.
Mini milk ice creams, oh so pleasing.

Holidays with sand and sea,
Making dens, my brother and me.

Grandad’s garden, flowers in bloom;
Playing out freely, no thought of gloom.

Going everywhere on our bikes,
Thrown down on arrival, little tikes.

Schoolbooks packed away with glee,
Never had we felt so free.

But all too soon it had to end.
With Autumn’s arrival around the bend.

Prose for Thought
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  1. Great wee poem – my bike took me everywhere when I was younger, now can’t remember the last time I was on one! Something I think I need to change with a ride down memory lane x

    1. The last time I was on one was several years ago cycling home from work. Fell off it and my now ex-husband had to come and retrieve me (and it) from the side of the road! I was so sore getting back on wasn’t an option! x

    1. Summer holidays were definitely my favourite part of my school years…if I could turn back the clock I’d be stronger and ignore the bullies but such is life!

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